View Full Version : Bedding Need some suggestions pls

10-03-12, 08:42 pm
I have a new multi level C&C being delivered tomorrow. I also ordered some Piggy Bedspreads but they won't be here for a couple of weeks.
would it be okay to put puppy pads down in the new cage and just lay some fleece over them, until the new spreads come in?

Right now, they are in a pet store cage and using a fleece that Hubby and I put together but really, it's not done the best and would never fit the new cage. Plus we are not sewers and could never do something up, even for temporary use.
i hate the idea of going back to Carefresh or shavings, they were so messy.:sorry:

Thanks for any suggestions!

Terry Lynn

10-03-12, 08:45 pm
I think puppy pads are fine. A lot of folks use them here. You could also use old towels if you happen to have any.

10-04-12, 08:02 am
It should work. I've never used puppy pads in a cage, but I do use them often when my pigs are sitting on my bed, or if we are going somewhere and they are in a kennel. You may just have to change them frequently because I don't think they're all that absorbent.

10-04-12, 08:59 am
Before I did 2 layers of uhaul pads I used towels.. They worked fine.. :)

10-04-12, 10:09 am
Thanks guys. I already have some puppy pads so I will use those. I was just concerned about just laying fleece in there without it being secured to the sides. I wouldn't want them to get stuck under the fleece or something.