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Cassidy Yeary
09-28-12, 10:16 pm
hi everyone , i got my first guinea pig on my bday set 20th its been 8 days and shes still getting used to me im not sure how old she is shes from petco so im guessing around 2months, she hasnt warmed up to me yet i keep feeding her treats but she,ll only eat carrots and some apple i waswondering if anyone had tips or anything

09-28-12, 10:42 pm
Welcome and congrats on your new friend. It can take a while to help them get used to you, by nature they are prey animals and they think you are out to get them. Hand feed her treats, and make sure you are speaking in a nice calm voice and don"t startle her anymore than you have to.

-work on feeding her lettuce (red leaf or green leaf) she should be getting about a cup of veggies a day there are great lists on here of what is ok to feed and how much. but lettuce is a great staple and good palce to start you will also want to work on getting green pepper in her diet as they need vitamin C. You can dice it up really tiny for a few days and mix it with lettuce so she can"t pick around it as easily :) then after a few days try a slice of pepper instead :) then start with a new veggie diced after that. You will want to limit fruit to about 1x week as they are not meant to process sugar and fruit is super high in sugar.

-make sure the pellets she is getting is about 1/8 cup a day ( i am not sure but I think the young ones need alfalfa pellets for calcium.?) anymore than that a day and they won"t want to eat what they should in hay/veggies

-Timothy or orchard hay should be unlimted!! all she can eat.

I started by hand feeding lilly all her veggies so she knows I = good food!

Also most people here are anti pet store, you will get the big picture once you have been on here longer, as we promote rescueing pigs so pigs are not dieing at the hand of profit when there are great pigs that need a home. So if you decide in the future to add a new pig ( they are herd animals after all and thrive in groups) please look into a rescue or ask for help finding one. As we are tolerant of mistakes but can get quite irritated when people continue to buy from pet stores.

That being said, you will find one reason we do not like pet stores is they frequently mis sex their pigs, harbor un healthy pigs and promote unsafe living conditions. So my advice to you to protect your piggy is to find a piggy/exoctic vet and do a well visit to meet the vet and make sure your piggy is in fact a female, is not pregnant from improper housing at the pet store and is healthy. An added benifit of having an exotic vet right from the start is piggys get sick and will hide their symptoms until the very last possible timing...leaving you little time to find a vet when they are sick and it is an emergency. Knowing where to go when you have a sick piggy can be a life or death choice. many have learned the hard way.

You will find that if you were not on the site prior to purchasing your pig, that the cages sold by the pet stores are not large enough for one piggy let alone more...so when you have time, please look into proper cages for guineas and if possible build a c & C a return any pet store cages if you can. it is best for the health and happiness of your piggy.

also if she is 2 months she is still young and is probably scared from not having a companion...if you have the means to adopt a friend you may find she is happier and well adjusted with a same sexed compainion.

09-28-12, 11:44 pm
Welcome to the forum! I've learned a lot in the few weeks I have been on and continue to learn more everyday. Best of luck to you and azzabelle. I second everything leopardjunkie said. I still find myself doing the chopping trick to get my boys to branch out into new veggies. Zucchini is the current veggie they both turn their noses up to. Cember went from only carrots & hay to almost everything I put in front of him. As you guys bond together (it will take time) you will learn what she likes and doesn't. Also, scroll through the forums and find topics that jump out at you and learn from other peoples questions/answers, although if you ask a question lots of people usually chime in with their experiences and tricks. It's quite handy :-)

Cassidy Yeary
09-29-12, 03:37 am
Oh yes I want to get her a friend but there's no rescue shelters for cavy in Oklahoma I made a Craigslist post asking for one that's healthy and female and I chop her food up I give her romaine lettuce carrots apples and bell peppers she kinds just pushes away her romaine I also have a dwarf hamster who's a year old I let them play they don't seem to mind eachother but they don't really react at all he's more instinctive and runs around I was also wondering if I get a new female will they fight territorially?

09-29-12, 05:01 am
Hey, on craigslist there is someone trying to rehomed a male and female Guinea pig in separate cages, it's a few listings down from yours, maybe they'd let you just take the female?

09-29-12, 07:12 am
Welcome! I am a newbie on this amazing forum, also. Everyone is so very nice and helpful and I have learned so much by being a part of this group. I am a new pig mom also and my first little piggie boy, Cowboy, wasn't very sociable with me at first either. I had him for a few weeks/month and he pretty much stayed in hiding, even though I brought him veggies twice daily, hand fed him the best I could, and made sure he had clean fleece. I then decided to adopt a brother for him and the very same day Cowboy was a new pig! He was popcorning way more than he ever had, running laps around his cage, they were purring and making cute noises with each other, etc! So I definitely suggest looking into adopting another pig for your little girl! Petfinder has amazing rescues and I'm sure you will get plenty more advice from others on here, too. Good luck with your furbaby!

09-29-12, 10:15 am
pet finder might help you find a friend or craigs list Petfinder Adoptable Guinea Pig | Guinea Pig | Alva, OK | Penny (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/24137660) not sure if this is close to you.

09-29-12, 12:17 pm
I also have a dwarf hamster who's a year old I let them play they don't seem to mind eachother but they don't really react at all he's more instinctive and runs around I was also wondering if I get a new female will they fight territorially?

If I read this right...please do not let your hamster play with your guinea pig.
It all depends on the guinea pig whether they will fight or not, It could happen but more then half the time when the introductions are done right and the cage is at least .7 square foot no bloody fighting happens.

Also with finding another female guinea pig for your girl, there may be no resuces but there will be people who have brought a guinea pig in a hurry and now are unable to look after it (or just don't want to). We can all help you find a female guinea pig for you girl if you would like us to help.

One last thing...you got your guinea pig from the pet shop.
1) Are you 100% sure it is a female? (Pet shops often if not nearly always do not what gender the guinea pig is, they say it is male or female so you will take it, so they get money.)

2) What cage do you have? (Pet shop cages are way to small for the animals they sell them for, we all want what is best for your guinea pig and her future buddy)

3) Have you or are you going to take her to a good exotic vet for a check up? ( Pet shop animals are often sick, there was a member on here she got her first pig from the pet shop and he died (even with vet treatment) with-in 15 days. When you find a good guinea pig vet you could also get them to check what gender the pig is as well as its health)

I hope it all goes well with finding a friend for your girl! If shes young, the faster you find one the better off she'll be!

Good luck. (:

Cassidy Yeary
09-30-12, 02:48 am
Yes I really need help getting another female I don't wanna pet store buy and I know for sure shes a female and healthy they person on Craigslist wouldn't separate them and I only have room for too I think it will really help her I live in okc but maybe if I get help finding her a friend transportation can be arranged I would love help thx oh and is fleece okay to use I hear a lot of pros cons and my cage is a really big 1 layer I'm looking to expand to a c&c cage in the future I really love guineas I should've known to get two I feel like I'm depriving her now :c

Cassidy Yeary
09-30-12, 02:53 am
My cage says its 42 1/4" x 18 " is that good?

09-30-12, 03:45 am
Hey Cassidy, I hate to burst your by bubble but your cage is a little over half of the recommended size for one Guinea pig, so you'll definitely need to get that sorted before getting your little piggy a friend. Have a look through the galleries and see if you can find any ideas that might work for you and feel free to ask about different ideas you might have too.

09-30-12, 05:38 am
That being said, you will find one reason we do not like pet stores is they frequently mis sex their pigs, harbor un healthy pigs and promote unsafe living conditions. .

I can back that up! 2 of my past piggies came from a pet store. Betty was bought from one and her brother Boop was bought for me from the same store.

When I went I had no idea about the troubles associated with pet stores. When Boop was "bought" (hate using that word for any animals) she ( person who gave him to me as a birthday present) was told that He was a She. I got Her (him) home and when I picked her up i felt something extra. lol. I've had a male cavy before Boop so I knew what I was feeling. I looked and sure enough there they were. Pretty sure I don't have to explain what I mean by "they".

09-30-12, 09:28 am
Welcome! You'll find a lot of excellent information here, and many resources for your many questions.
PS we all love pics of your furry kids!

09-30-12, 10:55 am
Welcome! It's great to see another person taking interest in raising a happy and healthy cavy. You have definitely come to the right place :D

I think everyone else has covered off the basics, what to feed, how much etc. They've gone over adopting, and cage sizes. Which is great, it will all help you care for your pig even better.

One thing I want to add though, is to help your pig get used to you. I know people tend to get discouraged, because some pigs are very shy. Some are more outgoing. All are convinced you want to eat them. One of my pigs is afraid of my stuffed Otto bear thing that I sleep with. That's just the nature of the critter, so don't get discouraged. It's truly wonderful when they start to warm up to you, because suddenly, they sit still when you go to pick them up, instead of running for the hills. It's great to build up a relationship. I agree, that the easiest way to a pigs heart is through their stomach. You need to work on getting lettuce into her, but once you have that down, try offering treats by hand. Things like carrot, tomato, even grapes, are all good. What I did to help them warm up to me was sing to them. I'm a terrible singer. But I would sing, talk, dance around etc. They're both used to my voice now, in fact, when I call to them from down stairs they both respond with wheeks.

Last thing I wanted to ask, what kind of pellets are you feeding? Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are very bad for your guinea pig! And seeing as you have a young cavy on your hands, you should look for an alfalfa based pellet, because it has more calcium and protein then a regular timothy based pellet. Pigs under 6 months need the additional calcium. Offering a sprig of parsley every now and then is good too.

09-30-12, 10:56 am
Also, take a look around the site, especially the diet section. Another great section to look is cage photos, to give you ideas.

and of course, guinealynx.info is a great site too.