View Full Version : Mother to: Bacon Bit!

09-19-12, 04:44 pm
Let's see, let's see... where to begin....

I'm Tina!

I'm 25 and a brand new mama to Bacon Bit! Bacon for short. My loving boyfriend got him for me as a surprise birthday gift in August. He's going on about 4 months old but sadly, the cage wasn't big enough at the time for two, so Bacon is a loner for the time being. I'm currently on the look out for another boar for him seeing as I just set up my new C&C cage for him (Super expensive getting it shipped here to canada, but highly worth it.) I'd love to look into getting a rescue buddy for Bacon, but due to not owning a vehicle, going to a rescue is a bit of a difficult proceedure, so I have to make the best of the situation.

I plan on eventually taking pictures of my little Coronet baby for all to see, as well as his set up, but overall I just wanted to stop in and say "hi!". Hope to gain lots of information from the rest of you happy pigger parents!

09-19-12, 05:02 pm
One of my boars is named Bacon as well!

Welcome to the forum!

09-19-12, 05:07 pm
Welcome! Cute name :-) Bacon was a name contender for my Chewy Biscuit when we got him.

09-19-12, 05:07 pm
welcome! I'm assuming Bacon is reddish-brown? Maybe striped? Hopefully not crispy....haahaaahaaaa...