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Vivian Stahlhut
09-18-12, 05:58 pm
Hi, I'm Vivian. I'm 52 yrs old and have 2 beautiful baby boys. Joey, I'm not sure how old he is. He was given to me by a friend who couldn't keep him. He was only baby for a couple of months until we got Poppy at one month old. We've had him for about a month now. Both are long haired. We have taken Joey out of his store bought cage he came with and made him a much larger one. They are taken out daily and cuddled. Poppy is still getting used to us, so I am using the towel trick to get him to stop calling for Joey. He is making great progress. Anyway, I'm glad to be here.

09-18-12, 06:05 pm
Welcome Vivian :) This site is full of great ideas and information. I have two girl piggies. Bella (9months) and her daughter, Mya (4.5 months). My advice is read everything you can on this site and ask questions if you have any. We would love to see pictures when you get a chance.

09-18-12, 06:06 pm
Welcome to the site!! I am sure you will find answers to any questions you have :)

09-18-12, 06:11 pm
Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pictures.