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09-18-12, 11:43 am
Hello to everyone. I am glad I have found this site. We have welcomed two female piggies, cocoa and sweet tart to our home. We have found ourselves referring back to this site as we try to become more knowledgable about our new members.:love::love:

09-18-12, 12:01 pm
Welcome to the forum, Would love to see pictures of cocoa and sweet tart..... come chat with us in the cavy chat

09-18-12, 01:16 pm
Welcome to the forum! Ditto on the pictures!

09-18-12, 03:16 pm
Hello Piggycraze! I agree with boofp! Come join us on chat sometimes, even though the topic isn't always about pigs! :D :D It's nice to talk to users in real time! We have become pretty close, us chat regulars!

09-18-12, 04:38 pm
Thank u for your welcoming, and how do you upload the pics here?

09-18-12, 04:41 pm
I was wondering if anybody could tell me why my piggy Sweet Tart "hoots" sometimes. Iheard this is a sign of heart problems, but could this also be caused by her being exposed to dust? Thank u!:)