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09-17-12, 07:36 pm
Hello everyone, new to the site but not new to the forums!! i've been reading them like crazy!! i just switched my pigs over to fleece bedding, giving it a try before i buy premade ones (i can't sew) and before i get a C&C cage. I have two male guinea pigs (brothers) Marco & Polo, they were born on my birthday :o i feel like it was meant to be!! i just love them and they are my "babies"
34340343413434234343 pictures from left to right: Marco about 8 weeks old (his hair is so short and not crazy yet!); my babies new fleece bedding; my babies as of a week or two ago (Marco left, Polo right); Polo as a baby

09-17-12, 07:43 pm
Welcome to the forum! Marco and Polo a adorable! I love their names too :)

09-17-12, 08:24 pm
Hello & welcome!! Your piggies are to cute!! You need to get a C&C cage. I wasn't sure at first but after reading the info on this site I knew I had to make one. It's very easy to make, cheap and so much easier to clean! Plus your babies will be so much happier!

09-17-12, 08:25 pm
VERY cutie-patooties!

09-17-12, 08:27 pm
Thanks guys!! we used to have a c&c cage but of course gave it away, i know i need one, just gotta get everything squared away first!! where would you say is the best place to sell it? on here or ebay/craigslist? it's a great cage, i just hate that it's not big enough for them, i mean it means the size requirements and i get them out like a half hour daily but i still feel bad!! i also feel bad that i left their brother with the person i bought them from haha it still haunts me