View Full Version : Mattress Pad I Think Hubby is a Fabric Convert

09-15-12, 08:26 am
I started using fabric (old quilted mattress pads cut to size rather than fleece...they work really good without any pre-treatment) before we went on vacation because I figured they'd be easy for the pet sitter to change. I started before the trip to get the girls used to the change and continued when we got back since they really seem to like it.

I used Carefresh in the kitchen area while I was gone, but put fleece back in the first day. Meanwhile, hubby took over cage cleaning to help me out because my work schedule is insane for the next few weeks. I've asked him several times now if he wants to switch back to Carefresh for the kitchen, and he keeps saying, "No, let's use the fabric for a little while longer." I think he really likes how easy it is to clean.

With our current arrangement, we totally change the fabric in the kitchen every day, while the living room lasts two to three days. I think he loves just being able to take out the whole sheet from the kitchen, shake it out outside, and toss it in the laundry. Mind you, he's the one who does laundry in our house, and he doesn't mind the extras at all.

This just confirms that we're going to fabric when I get my new C&C for Christmas. Hubby used to question the whole fleece concept and think it was crazy, so I'm shocked (and pleased) that he became a convert so easily.