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09-12-12, 11:14 pm
Hello everybody!

I've recently become a Cavy Slave and here to get more info and learn more about how to keep my little guys happy. So first things first, my two little owners are named Chocolate and Marshmallow (kids named them) and we got them from a person who was actually on the verge of releasing them into the desert because she didn't know what to do with them. She bought them from Petsmart for her kid who is autistic but he apparently did not favor them and she needed to get rid of them ASAP. Our sons share a same therapist and when I brought up us getting Guinea pigs as a pet for my kids (and me lol), she mentioned this and we were fortunately in time to get them from her before something horrible happened. When we got them, she had only had them for a day, so Chocolate came to us with a fresh case of mites (yay Petsmart :mad:) but Marshmallow seems to be doing good. I took them in immediately to the vet the morning after we got them and he is now on Advantage to clear up that and anything else (I refused the skin scraping after reading the info on here) and Marshmallow is showing no signs but he's also being treated so he won't re-infect Chocolate. I've kept them both together since they were housed together at Petsmart anyway, seemed pointless to separate them now. I was told they were young...we didn't realize HOW young until the vet gave us an approximate age of 2/3 weeks at most. This was a few weeks ago so they are now growing up and getting healthy. They both weigh in around 12oz now, I've been weighing them daily since they are on meds for the mites. They eat LOTS of veggies; mainly red and green leaf lettuce, pellets, green pepper with red couple times a week and a random veggie switched out like cucumber, tomatoes, squash etc. I keep their pellets at a small amount 1/8 cup each but I let them graze on the lettuce and veggies a lot. They were underweight when I got them (according to the vet and you could see ribs) but they are filling out nicely now. They are in a C&C cage that is a work in progress...I have to get my sewing machine out of storage and it will definitely be much better looking but this is basically our "starter" house. We have a cat and kids so I needed to put a lid on it but with it's size, we had support problems so we have a temporary fix in there now but the piggies actually seem to like the beams so we may just keep them. It works out to basically a 2 x 7 "run" with two 2x3 areas that I use as kitchens mainly. They have PLENTY of room to run around and Marshmallow actually loves things set up like an obstacle course, he will go out of his way to run through tunnels and around things. So enough talk, onto the pics!

34048Chocolate (Brown, black & white tri-color with a cowlick in the center of his forehead)

34047 Marshmallow (silver face, white body)

09-13-12, 01:10 am
They are soooo cute. Sounds like your doing a great job with them. Sounds like these little guys were just meant to be yours.

09-13-12, 01:22 am
Thanks! Just wanted to note, since I had to go through moderation and couldn't change my post, that they are on REVOLUTION not Advantage. Was talking to my husband about Advantage while I was typing and wrote the wrong name lol.

09-13-12, 01:30 am
I don't understand how your vet could of found out the age, I didn't know there was a way you could?

09-13-12, 01:36 am
This is our cage set up, I have added a couple of things like a couple tunnels made from a grid and fleece and a fleece forest that is 1x2 for them, a litter box and 2 hay bins. I try to move their toys away from their "run" but Marshmallow always knocks them down there to run through when he has zoomies. The little white tray with a bit of hay in it is actually their litter box that they use very well. They don't even need hay in it anymore. The fleece is fleece kids blankets from Michael's that I got on clearance for 50c each. They are about 4ft x 4ft each and work AWESOME for wicking. They are never wet and everything goes straight to the towels underneath.

34050One of the 2x3 areas
34053Marshmallow coming to say hi.

I'd post more pics of Chocolate but he's so hard to catch to take a picture of since we moved him into this cage. He's always running around now lol.

If anybody has any ideas for a support system across the top (ideally not using the closetmaid system), I'd be happy to take suggestions. Marshmallow actually uses the pillars to race around and make figure 8's but I'd ideally like to keep it open and unobstructed for them as much as possible of course.

09-13-12, 01:39 am
I don't understand how your vet could of found out the age, I didn't know there was a way you could?

I assume by their size and weight? They fit in the palm of my hand when I brought them in. She said she would have been surprised if they were more then a month old and guessed only a few weeks so not exactly a definite answer lol. I know the lady we got them from said that Petsmart told her they were about a month old as well but who knows what they really know.

09-13-12, 01:42 am
They are however both BOYS and have boy parts and boar glue to prove it lol. I checked, double checked, asked the vet, then triple and quadruple checked and when they started getting busy with each other, I checked I think every hour to make sure. :)

09-13-12, 01:46 am
Marshmallow is so cute! My Peruvian boar use to have hair like that when he was young, He looked like lighting had struck him...

09-13-12, 01:46 am
Welcome to GPC! Thanks for rescuing them! They are super cute!

You cage is huge!! They must love it. Since they are so young though, I'd recommend baby proofing the cage until they are 6 months old. We don't want these cuties to get stuck in the grids.

See this gallery for some baby proofing ideas.
Baby Proofing - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showgallery.php?cat=532)

Edit to add: They can have unlimited pellets until they're 6 months old.

09-13-12, 01:58 am
I was thinking I should baby proof it too, I still have tons of grids left so that will be my project in the morning. Great about the pellets, I was worried I may be over feeding them since they got so big so fast, chocolate was barely 7 oz and Marshmallow was just under when I got them and now they are both over 12 oz lol. Unlimited pellets it is!

Also, since you can't really tell, that is the entertainment center in the middle of our living room so they come out a little over 2 ft into the living room area. They come and say hi every time we are around and since our living room, dining room and kitchen are all joined, they are always around us till bedtime!

09-13-12, 08:07 am
Marshmallow is very cute -- his hair looks like he's got a paw stuck into an electrical outlet!

09-13-12, 09:14 am
Haha, yea he has the longer fur but in rosettes that are just half hazardly placed EVERYWHERE so it makes for an interesting coat. PITA though to check for any skin irritations, especially since he HATES me touching his rear but he's getting better about it. Chocolate has an amazing coat, it's smooth and lays perfectly, it's shiny and absolutely beautiful. It was VERY obvious with a very distinct V shape on his back when he got the mites but it's grown back almost completely now and looks so pretty. He's also got one black paw that is too adorable...annoying to cut those nails though since they are also black and the other three are clear but still adorable.