View Full Version : Hello, My name is Diana and I have Second Chance Cavy Rescue

09-09-12, 09:07 pm
I raised cavies as a child and recently started helping people by rescueing unwanted cavies. I am learning alot and have 13 cavies at the present time.
I would like info on working with males to create compatible groups so I do not have to separate my males. I have found there are some males that just will not co-exist peaceably with certain other males. I would like to provide my adopters with a "cage kit" so that they will have the proper cage for their adopted cavy- anybody have a resource for this? I live in San Antonio, TX and would like to get then locally if possible.

09-09-12, 10:08 pm
Hi and welcome, I can not help with the kits but can point you to read Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm) . It helps teach people how to introduce guinea pigs and such. Maybe it will help you.

09-09-12, 10:33 pm
Thanks- I am finding that all pigs are different, I have had 2 females that fought as well as dominent males that cannot resolve issues. I guess I have to just go through the process of trying them as I have 7 adult males right now that I would like to set up in multiples in bigger cages.

09-10-12, 07:47 am
toylady, you need to go to Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Shelters, Veterinarians - Guinea Pig Zone (http://www.guineapigzone.com) and list your rescue over there. That site is optimized for the internet search engines, and you'll get many more hits if you put it on that site.