View Full Version : C&C Alternatives can I use this pen to house 2 guiniea pigs?

09-09-12, 12:55 pm
Hi I just have 2 quick questions. Ok so I am getting 2 female guinea pigs and for me it is not possible to get or make a c and c cage or any other cage. So yesturday I was shopping at petsmart and found a play pen called a large clean living playpen and it says it is over 9 square feet and the Assembled dimensions are: 26" tall X 43" diameter 8 panels: 18" W X 29" H. So my 2 questions are can I use this pen to house my guinea pigs instead of a cage cage? and can someone find out how big is this pen is in square feet (incase it is smaller then the 9 square feet it says it is?)

P.S. as for bedding the pen has a cover that gos on the bottom and i am thinking of using carefresh ultra over top of the cover does that sound okay?

09-09-12, 12:59 pm
You've already asked this question on another thread. Please don't double post your questions. I'm closing this one, and you can continue to use the other one.