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09-07-12, 12:23 pm
HI I am new to this board. I have had guinea pigs for the past ten years (previous Spikey and Sox lived for 8 years). My four newest girls are approx 2 at 9 months old and 2 at 4 months old. I noticed today one of the 9 month olds has a swollen cheek (it definitely wasnt there yesterday and they are handled a few times a day each so I am pretty sure I would have noticed it, I am assuming an abcess. I took her to the vets tonight and he has said she needs to be put under and then checked for abcess, teeth problem or cancer !!! They have quoted 105.00 minimum fee for this - I CANNOT afford this, is there any way at all I could treat her myself for an abcess, he tried to drain it but said there wasnt much coming out. Any suggestions PLEASE xx:weepy:

09-07-12, 12:44 pm
Do they have a payment plan of some sort? From the sound of it your piggy must have this procedure done! :grouphug:

09-07-12, 12:54 pm
No, there's no way for you to treat an abscess, especially if it's around the teeth. And if he couldn't get much out of it, it may not be an abscess at all. But she does need treatment, as some abscesses are very painful, especially if they involve the teeth.

Here in the US we have a thing called Care Credit, where you can apply for a loan for medical treatment for either people or pets. The interest rates and payments are low. Is there something like that where you live? Or can you work out a payment plan with the vet?

09-07-12, 01:44 pm
As I've mentioned a number of times on the forum, I can very much understand how hard it can be to afford vet bills. My preferred option is to set up a payment plan with the vet. You could ask for a promisory note, which is a document you sign to agree to make payments at set dates in the future.

Not as good an option but still feasible is to ask friends and family for help; you don't have to borrow a big chunk of money from one person, you could borrow smaller amounts from a few different people.

Also, some employers will advance you your next paycheck. I had to do this once before, and my boss didn't even ask me what the advance was for. He just had me sign some paperwork and confirmed that I would be working my usual, expected hours to cover what I "borrowed" against myself.

Good luck and please don't hesitate to get your piggy treatment. Vet bills can really snowball the longer you put off getting care for your pet. :(

Keep us updated, please!

09-09-12, 03:38 pm
My vet has let me post several checks ahead on my pay days. If the bill was very large I have been able to do a payment plan. Check with your vet and see if he/she will work with you.