View Full Version : Bedding Jersey knit as bedding?

09-03-12, 11:47 am
I have access to scrap t-shirt material. It's 100% organic cotton, but it just pieces (a friend uses it for a project and these are the left over pieces). Can I use it as bedding in the sleeping area?

09-03-12, 11:52 am
You could probably put a piece of fleece over it so it wicks down to the tshirt scraps. I'd imagine it would be very absorbent.

09-03-12, 01:07 pm
It would be a great absorbent layer, but it would need fleece on top like pinky said so they aren't laying on the wet cotton.

09-03-12, 03:54 pm
Okay, can do!


09-03-12, 04:14 pm
I have used jersey knit as bedding, and while it seemed super comfy for my fur kids (they even make hooman sheets out of the material) I found it got damp really fast. If you have access to lots of it, just change it a ton. The only thing is that you may end up with a lot of laundry. Not good if you pay per load as I do!

09-03-12, 05:43 pm
I have my own washer and dryer! I was actually planning on using it once and then tossing it (not very green, I know) as it was originally slated for the trash anyway.

I also thought of using it as loose pieces for them to run and play in--and then tossing it in the garbage. Any potential caveats with this plan?

09-03-12, 06:01 pm
Are they clean-cut pieces or are there lots of loose threads at the edges? That would be my only concern, that threads would get caught on little pig nails.

09-03-12, 06:33 pm
That I won't know until I see it. I'm due to get a box in a week or so. If it's really thready, I'll know I have to cover it.

I have another friend who beds his prairie dogs in the same stuff w/o issues.