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08-29-12, 07:16 pm
i recently found this on line, and ordered it through home depot. My adult son was able to assemble it in a couple of hours. The box comes with a list of lumber needs, and home depot is usually very good about cutting their lumber to size for you. It all goes together with screws and brackets. I would highly recommend this if you're considering a 2-story cage set-up. I think all told, the lumber was about $90, and the kit is about $40.Workbench Hardware Kit-KWB1 at The Home Depot (http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=100375388&storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&ci_sku=100375388&ci_kw=%7bkeyword%7d&kwd=%7bkeyword%7d&cm_mmc=shopping-_-googleads-_-pla-_-100375388&ci_gpa=pla#.UD671taPXp4)

here's a picture of my finished stand (pardon the mess):

08-29-12, 08:47 pm
Looks really good :)

08-29-12, 08:56 pm
I built a stand for my cage too! But because my mom is an engeneer we went off to home depot ourself and got everything, and cut the wood, assembled it etc. It was funny. All the big burly men coming over asking if my petite mom and I needed assistance. She was getting rather annoyed because we had no problem getting wood. Some guy even went as far as to lecture us on the curve of some 2 by 4s. My mom was like, -.- I know not to choose those pieces :grumpy: and off we went :P

I painted and decorated my stand too!

08-29-12, 09:02 pm
That looks lovely! Thanks for posting.

08-29-12, 11:30 pm
Awesome I love this! thanks for the link :)

08-30-12, 12:15 am
Oh i love it i want i want!!