View Full Version : Cage for 2 rabbits

07-06-05, 08:42 pm
My friend has 2 rabbits and is going to make them a c&c cage. What size should it be?

07-07-05, 06:39 am
I would say like a 2x4 or 2x5 with three levels. How often does she take them out? Because if they are free range during the day she wont need one quite as big.

07-07-05, 07:03 am
I don't think she takes them out at all...only ocansionally(sp).

07-07-05, 07:32 am
Ok, then how big are they? Since she doesn’t take them out much I would say a 2x5 with three levels.

07-08-05, 12:37 am
Rabbits need a LOT of exercise... at LEAST 3 hours of floor time everyday..

07-21-05, 11:34 pm
Hmm- why have an animal if it's just stuck in a cage? Not to start anything- it just doesn't make sense to me...I wouldn't want to be cooped up all day. Plus- seems like alot of work with no benefits. I love petting and playing with my bun.