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08-27-12, 12:21 am
Hi, I am from New Zealand and I REALLY want a C&C cage. Can someone help me and tell me where to get them from here? I have looked in EVERY Pet-Shop but no luck :( If you are a Kiwi guinea pig owner and you have a C&C cage, PLEASE tell me where you got it from and WHERE your from because it wont be helpful if your in Auckland because im in Tauranga. So they would probably have different shops :) PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE let me know ASAP!!!!!!

08-27-12, 12:27 am
Welcome! I'm from NZ too.
I have brought a lot of my girds off TradeMe as second hand ones, they are all much better then nothing. I've manged to make a 4x4 + 2x2 C&C cage for my three boys and a 2x4 + 1x4 loft for my girl.
You can't buy them from any shops here in NZ, I know it sucks.

There are the mesh versions of the grids for sale brand new on trademe but they are expensive:
2x Metal Mesh Cube (new) | Trade Me (http://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/retail-hospitality/display-units-racks/shelves/auction-507278776.htm)

If you just keep an eye on trademe some will come up again.

08-27-12, 12:47 am
How many piggys do you have, What are their names?
Oh and I'd love to see some pictures!

08-27-12, 01:36 am
Hey! Peanut is a plain black smooth coat boy, 1 year and Tink (Tinkerbell) is my ginger and white Peruvian. she is my little angel :) she is 11 weeks. I have heard that you can buy grids from Payless Plastics??? I have photo's but i dont know how to upload them on to this sorry :( x

08-27-12, 01:40 am
WOW! those are expensive if i want the 3 lots! im interested in them though, will keep them on my watchlist for sure!!! i cant find grids on trade me..:sad: can you please show me a picture of your cage maybe? thanks, Oo2 x

08-27-12, 01:46 am
I can't find any now, there was about 55 grids for sale for about $20 on a couple of weeks ago, Its just about timing it right.
The girds I've got are the normal grids what everyone else uses here.

08-27-12, 01:49 am
right right right... can you show me how you have set them out though?? i also cant find cuddles cups or anything here boohooo!!! WOW that is cheap as!!!! you must have a MASSIVE cage!!!!!

08-27-12, 01:51 am
this is the only pic of tink i have. as you can see, i got her off trade me is you look closely down the bottom :) peanut is the black :) 3320333204

08-27-12, 02:09 am
Very cute piggies. Welcome to GPC!
Hope you are keeping the male and female separated.

08-27-12, 02:12 am
DEFINETLY! i dont want my little tink hurt or possibly killed!!!!!! we are going to get tink spayed soon, but will still keeo them apart after that
Thanks for welcoming me!!!

08-27-12, 06:24 am
Have you looked at wire wardrobe shelving in any local hardware stores. It is dearer than grids but cheaper than paying all that postage. They are really easy to make a cage from, you just need to get your measurements right before you buy cause you can't make changes as easily as you can with grids.

11-05-12, 02:49 am
Hi Ownerof2 I am also from NZ :) Tink is a real cutie :)