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08-26-12, 08:35 am
Hi, i recently ordered some Cube storage systems from the UK (2 boxes of 24 grids each) and it was ridiculously expensive. Pretty much the closest place to Norway in selling them!

Anyway, i am possibly going to import a bulk order and supply cages (custom or basic structures from standard sites in the US like 4x2/3x2 etc including canalplast and assembly instructions)... would this be popular for the Scandinavians on this board?
I just finished this cage for our 4 female piggies.. .they are so happy! Plus we also let them out where they run riot for around 2 hours each day.


We would have preferred the longer cage but we donīt have the floor place in our current apartment but they seem to love climbing up to the 3rd floor a LOT!
Itīs 2 floors of 3x2 (linked by a ramp) and a top floor linked by steps (which they all use!)

If there is enough interest, i would look at importing a bulk order where i would ship to within Scandinavia =)


08-26-12, 08:52 am
I am nowhere near your area. I just wanted to comment though on your cage! It looks really nice! Is that clear coroplast? I've never seen clear before...it makes it look more open and bright, especially on the bottom level.

08-26-12, 08:57 am
Hi, yes... i have a friend who works in a sign making buisness and he ordered a sheet for me direct from the supplier. They use clear then print designs on top... but yes, the clear definately lets the light in more =)

08-26-12, 09:34 am
Good morning, Trondheim,
This is a really neat set up! You'll have to tell me about how is goes with catching your pigs. Do they hide where you can't reach them?

08-26-12, 10:05 am
Hei! I actually designed/constructed it so there is no areas "out of easy reach" so they are not so difficult to catch. Plus, if we get them on to one floor, we just block the exit by moving the house. Of course, itīs not a simple thing to catch a piggie... but itīs been no problem really =)

Itīs harder when they are running riot around the living room hahaaa!

08-26-12, 10:21 am
How do you have access to the bottom in order to clean and do daily poop sweeps?

08-26-12, 10:29 am
There is 2 doors on the front on the bottom (with little plastic snaps holding shut) so itīs a simple thing to un-snap, open and reach in. Takes about 2 minutes to vacuum, clean and restock the food.

There is no "floor" on the cube construction, so when we replace the fleece we just need a person at each end and lift the cage straight up.
The chloroplast stays in place so its a real simple process. The other floors are easy reach from above and the ramp (between bottom and mid floors) and steps (mid to top level) are a more durable carpet so itīs stronger and wears better. They donīt poo/pee on the ramp/steps so itīs usually just grass and light mess on them.

10-15-12, 07:52 pm
Wow, that looks amazing!

If you don't mind my asking, approximately how much did it cost to import the grids? I live in Iceland, so it's basically impossible to get much of anything here. I know they sell coroplast somewhere, but nowhere can the darn grids be found... Also, did you buy from Amazon?

10-16-12, 03:20 pm
Hi, yes i bought from Amazon... if i remember it was around 75GBP for 2 packs, and the posting was about the same. Also, i had to send to a UK address (my family) as the company wouldnīt send to the UK =S