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Portland Maid
08-25-12, 10:32 am
Dear all,
I am a new owner from England, I have read and learnt so much on this site I have to admit I enjoy my guinea pigs more than I did at the start. I have two guinea pigs, one is a smooth coat girl in a russet brown and white and the other is white with black eyes another girl - but after relentless searching I have failed to find out what type she is.
I have a 2 x 4 grid cage with an upper floor, lots of popcorning going on..... I am sure I have lots to learn, and look forward to any advice on looking after my indoor guinea pigs. At present I haven't any questions unless there is a way to encourage them to not wee on me!

08-25-12, 10:44 am
Welcome Portland Maid! I'm sure piggies are very happy they have you as a mommy (or daddy)!!!!!

Well, some piggies will give you signs that they have to go pee by nibbling, or yanking on your clothes. Others just go. I use a piece of fleece or towel when holding my girls, but some people like to use special pee pads. I hope your piggies are doing well, and getting lots of hay, pellets, and veggies!!!

08-25-12, 11:41 am
Welcome to the forum! We would love to see pictures of your piggies! I also use a towel when I hold my pigs, then just wash it when it gets peed on.

Portland Maid
08-25-12, 12:05 pm
I would like to share their pictures too! However, the upload options are greyed out. Wondering if it's an iPad problem? My laptop is in the loft as I don't use it much so I will have to hunt for it and dust it off.