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William Napier
08-22-12, 02:05 am
hello my name is william and im a brand new piggie lover here. i have actually spent months looking into diffrent kinds of pets, ones that would fit into my life style so to speak. i live in an adult foster home, and my foster parents agreed with me on getting little piggies. i spend most of my time here at home so i wanted to get some pets or a pet that would enjoy my company, and i could dedicate my whole day to them and any needs they have.

im in talks with a nice lady about getting two piggies, but first i want to make sure i can build my own custom home for them so they will have plenty of room to run around in and enjoy themselfs. i have spent around 200 hours reading books, looking online, and watching videos that im more then certin i can take care of my piggies!!! im going to spoil them!

ty for taking the time to read this and ty for this awesome website and all you awesome people because i have gotten the best info right here off your website!

08-22-12, 02:47 am
Welcome to the forum William. Good luck with building your cage and finding the right piggies.:)

08-22-12, 03:53 am
Welcome! It's great that you are getting pigs, they are awesome animals! :D Hopefully you are adopting, as that's the best way to go! :)

08-22-12, 04:36 am
Hi William! welcome to the forum! It sounds like you're gonna have some very lucky guinea pigs :) Have fun getting them it's such an exciting time :D

08-22-12, 05:25 am
Welcome and good luck finding your perfect piggies. Any questions still feel free to ask :)

08-22-12, 06:57 am
Welcome, William! You're going to have some lucky guinea pigs when you get them. It's great to see someone prepare ahead like you are. We'd love to see photos of your new additions and hear about their new adventures. :o

08-22-12, 07:01 am
Hiya, William! Sounds like you want to do the best for your new piggies! That's great. If you have any questions, feel free to ask around! We all have a bazillion ideas for different cage set-ups, and even more as far as accessories! Welcome to piggy heaven! :D

08-22-12, 07:05 am
welcome to the piggie world you are going to love them and this website