View Full Version : Congratulations, I am a new piggie mommy! :)

08-21-12, 07:00 pm
Hello everybody! I got my first piggie about 2.5 weeks ago, anf the second piggie about 1.5 weeks ago. And I love them! The problem of this new "motherhood" is: I cannot stop worrying about every little detail! But I'm guessing that's normal. I did buy a store cage for my little Reese's, but my husband bought the grids at BB&B and built a long cage for them. I'm planning on expanding it soon. And this weekend I will be making the UHaul blankets for them, what a wonderful idea! I was planning on using towels instead of the extremely expensive Carefresh, but stumbled upon this forum instead! You guys are such a treasure on all this piggie information I'm still learning. I do have a question though, where should I buy the fleece throw? And do you make 2 layers from the UHaul blanket? Thanks guys. :)

08-23-12, 12:38 pm
Welcome! (:

They're some adorable piggys, what do you mean when you made a long cage?

08-23-12, 01:05 pm
They are adorable! I am so glad you will be expanding the cage soon--please make it wider.

You can get fleece at Joann's Fabrics, or usually Walgreens or Walmart will have fleece blankets if you want to go that route. You can find fleece at thrift stores as well.

I only used one layer of UHaul blanket, since my sewing machine is wimpy.

08-24-12, 08:08 pm
Its a 1x5, therefore its rather long. Im planning on expanding it into 2x5 when i figure out if they will stay in my bedroom, or in another room. Little rascals wake me up at 6AM!!

Thank you. :)