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08-20-12, 10:04 am
I am going on a week long vacation this week and my cousin will be taking care of them they have experience with MANY pets but not guinea pigs.I want to know what instructions i should be giving them ??? of course water hay and pellets i will also be telling what veggies and fruits but what else should i tell them i don't think they can have floor time cause my guinea pigs are still not used to being carried yet. by the way.. will my piggies get more used to my cousins more than me after a week cause they got used to me very fast like 2 days when i first got them.

08-20-12, 10:35 am
What not to feed them
What to feed them
What to do
What not to do
What to look out for (signs of illness)
How to properly pick them up
Spot clean
Clean cage and bedding
Popcorning is not a seizure
Their habits
Their feeding schedule

08-20-12, 10:38 am
My boys didn't act any differently toward me after I got back from a week-long vacation. So I don't think you have to worry about losing their "loyalty" so soon.

08-20-12, 11:15 am
When I started a thread on pig sitting, someone suggested prepping the food and veggies ahead of time in bags to make it really easy to feed the right thing at the right time.

08-20-12, 11:24 am
What not to feed them

Popcorning is not a seizure



08-20-12, 12:26 pm
Vet's address and phone number. Also let your vet know someone else will be watching your pigs.

08-20-12, 04:15 pm
HAHA i like the popcorning is not a seizure LOL!!