View Full Version : Different guinea pig breed traits? Pros vs. Cons?

08-20-12, 05:06 am
Hello! I've wanted a pet for as long as I can remember and I've never gotten one. I finally got permission a while ago to get a guinea pig. I'm very excited- I'm getting it sometime in November and I'm going to name it Taco. However, I would like to know a bit about each breed and their pros and cons. Long-haired breeds are not a possibility. Please take into consideration that this is my very first pet and I want it to be gentle and good with children (I have two younger sisters). Would you also list some of their common traits? I'm leaning most toward an Abyssinian. I've done tons and tons and tons of research, but I haven't really found anything helpful towards my situation, and it never hurts to learn a bit more. :) Anyway, thanks for reading and feedback would be much appreciated. Have a great day!

08-20-12, 05:30 am
Welcome to the world of being a Guinea Pig Slave! :D I think you will love a Guinea Pig as your first pet!

Abby's can be very energetic and active. If you follow the great guidelines of how to get Taco to "like" you, you will have no problems. The short haired guinea pigs are easy to care for. Mine - Sniper - is as easy going as they come - He loves me a bit but loves my other guinea Pig - Gizzy - more than me. He is a bit more quite than my long haired one but he will take "gold" in any athletic meet!! He is always bouncing around when you give him treats to show his appreciation.

So in short if you want an active, live, up beat guinea pig....I would go for an Abby!

As for your sisters - teach them about the fact that guinea pigs love laptime but do not want to be squeezed. Maybe once Taco is comfortable with you, you can use a piggy elevator to take him out and put him on your sisters lap. Then they can stroke and pet them.

08-20-12, 05:42 am
Thank you so much! :cheerful: It was a big help! I am looking for an upbeat piggy that is active and spunky, so I think I will go for the Abby. Thanks again!