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08-19-12, 06:34 am
Hi, yesterday I got 2 lovely male piggy called Rufus (18wks) and Humphrey (16wks). Im just looking for advice on cages and where's best to keep them indoor or out (currently out) and how to get them used to me and my daughters as they are dying to cuddle them but they are still very skittish if we open their hutch. Thanks suzie :)

08-19-12, 06:49 am
Welcome! :D We would love to see some pigtures of them! Also, it's best to keep them inside there are some many reasons why, including (But not limited to) Outside they can be attacked by people or predictors, the weather can kill them, if they get sick, you're less likely to notice it quick enough rather than if they were in your living room where you are always passing by, bugs, ect.

08-19-12, 07:14 am
Things like this take time. Give them a few days to settle, and then begin handling them daily with lots of treats.

PLEASE get your Pigs indoors, it is not the best option to have them outside. They are susceptible to many more animals and insects outside than in.


Welcome to the forums!

08-20-12, 05:13 am
Hello! Congrats on your new piggies!

Okay, so I'm just going to say that it is always best to keep your piggies indoors. They're safe from harsh weather, insects, intruding animals, etc. If you don't have room for the cage you have now, make a C&C cage and design it so it fits into your home.

Also, a great way to bond with your guinea pigs is to have them get used to your scent (just hold your hand out and let them smell it). After that, a way to get them used to your daughters is to hand them over but to keep one hand on their back as one of your daughters holds it- this way your guinea pig will be reassured and calmed with a familiar scent.

Hope this helped! :)

08-20-12, 07:10 am
Welcome newest Slave! I am sure you and your daughters are going to just love being slaves to Humphrey and Rufus.

The best about a new pet is the cuddles and I am sure you want to get right on that, I would suggest you get yourself a piggy elevator! Now a piggy elevator can be anything really - a cuddle cup, a shoe box, etc. Then you gently shoo the piggies into the elevator or tempt them with a treat, once they are in you can pick them up. It is the picking up out of a cage that they do not really like. Then you can take them out of the elevator and cuddle to your hearts content.

Also the more you talk to them the calmer they get and they will be more used to you. I can now just put my hand - with a treat in it - in the cage with my "terrorist" Sniper and he will jump right into my hand and be ready for a pick up. Gizzy - whom was my first and alone for a while is so comfortable she will get into my hand without a treat or stand on her hind legs ready to be taken somewhere amazing. They have learned that leaving their cage means special treats!! Things they will never get in their cage....like bits of apple!

Have fun and enjoy them

08-21-12, 12:53 pm
Thanks all for your replies, i will get some pics on as soon as possible! I have bought them a lovely indoor cage as suggested and only had them outside one night. We get them out 3 times a day with me being off work for the school hols and they then get floor time as well. they seem to be really happy.

Where we bought them from had sawdust in the cage with them and sold me a big bag so i thought this was ok until looking up on the internet today that this is really bad for them! Im now thinking of putting fleece with them as this is very popular plus when i have them out i put a fleece in the corner and they love it!

what do you all line the bottom of your cages with?

thanks x

08-21-12, 12:57 pm
I line the main areas of my C&C cages with 2-4 layers of towels and then a layer of fleece, and in their kitchen area I use newspaper with Aspen bedding on top so they can mess with their hay with-out it messing up their fleece.

Which cage did you buy?

08-21-12, 01:42 pm
Send some pics so we can see the situation :-)

08-21-12, 01:46 pm
hi, i have got them a plastic bottomed metal sides and top cage im in england so i cant find a c&c cage at the moment but if i do id buy it i think they are fab!

i have lined it with 3 towels and a layer of fleece and just put them in it! they are having a good old run around and investigation at the moment but seem ok. well i hope they are and adjust to it ok!