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08-17-12, 12:32 pm
Hello there,
I'm Luu - Short for Lucy, 19yo. :) I live in the South East UK with my family, robo hamster and tortoise.

I am currently piggyless but I have had many in the past and I am here to share what info I have learned over the years and to learn some more (guinea pigs are my favorite animal)! I have recently completed an animal management course at college and loved it, lots of piggies in the Animal Care Unit to care for :)

Thanks for reading :D xx

08-17-12, 12:49 pm
Welcome to the forum!

08-17-12, 12:49 pm
Thank you!

08-17-12, 01:14 pm
Welcome! I think robo hamsters are the cutest little things.

08-17-12, 01:15 pm
He's gorgeous, called Clive :) He's nearly 3 years old, a very tottery little man bless him. xx