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08-17-12, 04:30 am
Hey! So im Cassie! I just got my Guinea pig today and have done lots of research on them to get a feel for what im getting myself into xD I named him Pash and call him Pashcakes!

08-17-12, 05:45 am
Hey Cassie! That's great! Do you have a C&C, or plans to build one? This site has helped me a TON even after all the research I did before I got my pigs! We're happy to help with any questions, but before you ask, you should always look to see if anybody has already answered it. If not, we're here to help!

You know, I know at least 2 other users from Michigan! Zuidy, and @Xeygwn are their usernames.

08-17-12, 08:42 am
Hi Cassie, welcome to the forum! what kind of piggie is Pash? my piggies are shorthair.:)

08-18-12, 04:12 am
Well for now i have just a normal cage. I do plan on building a C&C cage soon though :D
Pash is an Abyssinian so long haired (: