View Full Version : Cleaning and disinfecting hidys

08-16-12, 09:54 pm
Can I use a bleach water solution on the hidys? I'm certain the pigloo will rinse off. But the twig tunnel and wooden hidy.....those may prove difficult with the bleach solution.

I'm feeling it may just be better to go buy more white vinegar and just mix it was hot water.

08-18-12, 01:08 am
You could try a vet grade disinfectant such as trigene. You can dilute it so that it won't upset your piggies health while still killing bacteria

08-18-12, 02:12 am
I was going to suggest water and vinegar.

08-18-12, 04:01 am
I use vinegar and water.

08-18-12, 01:04 pm
Yeah, nothing a Vet would use or Bleach.

It happens with EVERYTHING that something natural works better than man-made for Piggies.

1 parts White Distilled Vinegar and 1 part water will work just fine.

Just make sure the wood is dried somewhat quickly after use, because if it sits wet too long the Vinegar may attract more dirt than it cleaned in the first place.


Good luck!

08-18-12, 01:35 pm
Admittedly, as a healthcare practitioner, I'm a big fan of bleach for disinfecting........but NOT the items you describe.

A vinegar/water solution will probably work just fine, combined with leaving them out in the hot sun for a couple of days.

But, my first thought is to just get rid of them! Of all the items I've bought for my kids, the thing they love the most is their cardboard box hidey/tunnel. And, it can be easily replaced. Their other favorite cage item is their grid tunnel. Surely you must have an extra grid on hand? I'll even send you a book cover to complete it.

They love their homemade toys so much more than anything I have ever bought for them. Most of those items lie unused in the storage room. I often co-opt things that I find in dollar stores or in the $1 section of Target.