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08-16-12, 09:29 pm
hey guys. I've had 2 guinea pigs, the one just died recently. My mom got me another one as an early birthday present. When we were going to get her, i remember the guy saying she was in with boys but the boys sold, and shes about 6-10 months old. when we brought her home though, i realized she was very... bottom heavy. by her ribs shes fairly thin, but by her abdomen above the hind legs it kinda bulges. My family cannot afford a vet seeming of a recent divorce with my family, and i want to make sure shes gonna be okay. she has been drinking A LOT, and doesnt mind me touching her stomach, but the way she bulges im wondering if shes pregnant? can somebody please help and give some advice, on if shes pregnant or what other possibilities there are for her enlarged abdomen, and what to do if she is ? Thanks guys, i wanna do what i can to help her.

08-16-12, 09:39 pm
Guinea pig pregnancies last 59-72 days, usually longer rather than shorter.

If she's at least 6-7 weeks pregnant, you should be able to feel the pups kicking when you put your hands along her flanks.

As she gets close to her due date, handle her as little as possible. She'll move less, and will drink more, so make sure she doesn't lie in her own urine.

She needs alfalfa pellets, good long strand grass hay (timothy, blue, orchard, meadow, brome), and a cup of veggies per day. See http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/22156-read-me-cavy-nutrition-charts-poisonous-plants-list.html for what you can feed and how often.

So you'll know what to watch for, read http://www.cavyspirit.info/reproduction.html and http://www.cavyspirit.info/labor.html. Baby proof the cage by putting cardboard or coroplast up the sides so the babies can't escape, and leave it there until they're too big to get their heads caught.

Save up some money for a vet fund, because you can never tell when you're going to need it, and exotic vets can be really expensive.

If your current pig is a male, be sure to keep them separated -- she can get pregnant again immediately after giving birth, and that's very hard on sows.

08-16-12, 09:47 pm
thanks .. if she is pregnant and has boys ill be sure to seperate them, we dont need any more accidents for the poor thing!

08-16-12, 10:38 pm
you will want to sex the babies at 2 weeks old: http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm
Y (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm)ou will want to separate any male babies at 3 weeks old