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09-18-01, 02:47 pm
And checking out all the pics and ideas, I'm in the process of combining a few ideas I found on the site with some of my own. My mother brought home a pigger for my two year old daughter for a pet for when we move out (in the final stages of the mortgage going through for our condo now :) ) I was a bit shocked at first, but it was a cute pet, and my daughter fell in love with it immediately. She helps feed it, and makes sure we all remember to take care of it every day. Mom currently has it in a 20 gallon (tall - not long) aquarium.. which was ok when the thing was the little bitty piggie it was when it was tiny, but is constantly in need of cleaning, and theres no room for De-De to play. Finally, I said nope. This piggy is going to get a place to play that's easier to clean, and for my little girl to watch her play without being able to accidentally hurt the pigger. After running across your site, I was inspired. I'm in the process of building a wonderful .. rather large .. house for the rapidly growing piggy. Tomorrow I will pick up the coroplast, and I picked up the cubes today. I will send pics when I'm done, because I think it's a cute cage idea.. but i just wanted to say thanks for putting up this site.. :) was a godsend when our poor cramped piggy was having a cage emergency! (btw where do you find plastic ties for the stablizing the cage?)

09-19-01, 12:41 am
The cable ties can be found in the electrical section of stores such as Home Depot and OSH.

09-19-01, 11:32 am
found em today .. you have no idea how long it took me to find a pack of little plastic thingies ;) and they were so high up in the store, i had to have help to get them down ;) !! LOL