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08-11-12, 03:26 am
Hi everyone! my dad recently gifted me with 2 guinea pigs, I named them Ely and Lilly they are both girls.
My parents help me take care of them, we consider them our new babies.
They are staying in our family room so that we can see them all of the time we usually let them out (only after removing everything small they might eat)and let them play around.
We feed them vitamin pellets, carrots and cucumbers and they always have hay available their water bottle is always filled.
We have only one problem, Ely is very shy and even if we let them out she keeps on returning to their cage.
This is all for now.
Thank you!

08-11-12, 04:47 am
Hai! Your guinea pigs sound amazing and so cute! I'd just give Ely time, she shall soon see that nothing is going to harm her!

08-11-12, 06:17 am
My guinea pig does the same thing,I would let them out and they would try to go back into their cage....and I was thing like why go back behind bars when you have plenty of space to run around...but I would just suggest to have toys out and leave veggies around the playpen so they can hunt for them