View Full Version : Is sneezing always a bad sign?

08-10-12, 08:59 pm
Hello, i've recently adopted a 8 week old female guinea pig. She was seen by a vet 1.5 weeks ago and said to be amazingly healthy.. however starting a couple days ago, she keeps sneezing. not back to back sneezes. but randomly about 10 times a day. She doesn't have anything coming from her nose or eyes and even checked her wrists (i was told to check there, since they wipe their faces alot to try and hide illness) She's eating, playing, pooping all normal. Just keeps sneezing. her breathing is normal. everythings normal. i don't know if i should ask the vet for antibotics or what.. She has CareFree bedding. which i was told was the best. I'm not sure if it's her hay that shes allergic too? I just recently starting mixing alfalfa with her timothy. (as the vet said to do cause she was only getting timothy before) I have 2 cats & dogs, could she be allergic to them? pleasee help. i'm very concerned. Am i just being a worry wart or is this something bad?

08-10-12, 09:49 pm
My guinea pigs sneezed alot when I was using carefresh because the stuff is very dusty. I only hear the odd sneeze now that I have switched to fleece and its always when they have buried themselves in their hay. It could be the bedding. I would just keep a close eye on your pig and make sure you are weighing her.

08-10-12, 10:04 pm
Pigs sneeze a lot when they're grooming themselves. It isn't always a bad sign, and at once point I had a pig who was diagnosed with "hayfever" and he was sneezing quite a bit. At this point, I'd say just keep an eye on it - it could be environmental, but it could be the beginning of a bigger issue. Weigh her regularly and watch her closely for now.

08-11-12, 02:14 am
shes probably just trying to dislodge foreign material from her nose, you know like when a person gets dirt in their nose,but of course im not a vet so you can get her checked if you want there's no harm in that

08-11-12, 02:32 am
Carefresh is really, really dusty. It's soft, but I like to use Aspen shavings when I use bedding (my main cage is now fleece). It could even be dust from their food. It's probably okay, but do be sure to keep an eye on her :)

08-11-12, 08:39 am
i was using aspen at first and everything was fine. maybe i'll try her on aspen bedding again & see if that'll help her sneezing. Thank yall so much! =D