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08-10-12, 06:05 pm
Hello. I'm having a problem keeping my guinea pigs from going underneath the fleece bedding I put in their cage. They seem to love hiding under it despite having other hiding places. I use clips to clip the fleece to the sides of the cage but they all seem to find a way under. Is there a way to avoid this?

08-10-12, 06:19 pm
You can put a brick in each corner of the cage, and in the middle of each side of the Coroplast walls.

If that doesn't work, some people have had success with putting something else for the Pigs to burrow in, like scrap Fleece, in the cage.


08-10-12, 06:47 pm
I actually put PETCO brand grids under layers of towel and fleece and tucked everything underneath the grids. They couldn't feel the wire because I used a couple thick towels (so there couldn't be bumblefoot. But instead of that you can just put grids or something heavy and tuck it under it.

08-10-12, 07:26 pm
You can make the fleece go up and over the walls and tuck it in underneath, my pigs are awful burrowers! You can also binder clip the fleece to the sides

I make mine go up and over then tuck it in: 324403244132442

08-10-12, 07:27 pm
Thanks everyone!