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08-09-12, 09:04 am
Hi everyone to begin with! I'm a newbie, still getting the hang of this website so give me time! lol

Anyhow's, my two girls go outside when ever our rubbish weather allows it. We have a massive lawn and run so the spend all their time running around and nomming on the grass! :D

But we live on the edge of town so wildlife is quite common. I'm worried they'll pick up fleas or other nasty things like that. Is there anything I can get them like spot on or stuff?

In my pet shop I've spotted fly spray but it says nothing to do with fleas. Do you think it will work?

Many thanks,

Hannah, Bonnie & Pebble :hug:

08-09-12, 09:19 am
I'd pick the grass outside and bring it in to my pigs rather than risk putting them outside where they might get fleas.

08-09-12, 09:23 am
I wouldn't leave them outside unless you are always there with them, especially if you live in an area with wildlife.

There is a possibility they could pick something up, but I wouldn't treat proactively. Examine them daily for signs of parasites, and treat accordingly if they get something.

Don't use the pet store fly sprays, most contain stuff that's toxic to guinea pigs.

08-09-12, 01:37 pm
I put mine outside in a run with me whilst I was gardening. They were out only once and only for and hour, bang, fleas. I go to the shop for spot on, early before work, and guess what, 4 more people outside shop waiting for it to open. Shop opens and they all run for the flea stuff for cavies, rabbits and cats/dogs. Lady told me that it's a bad year for fleas (ie bad for our pets cause there is lots of fleas) we have a lot of neighbours cats in the garden and also foxes (don't worry the run is closed and I was only 2 feet away from them, not leaving them unattended) and I think these animals have put the fleas in the grass.

My cavies are not going out anymore.

Ps I live in England too (Kent, just out of London) so you may have the same weather+flea problem.