View Full Version : Looking to adopt or rescue 2 females in the Kansas City area

08-08-12, 11:55 pm
Hi, we are in the Kansas City area and are looking for two females to
adopt/rescue. I have been on all of the search sites I could find
(Petfinder, Adopt A Pet, Guinea Pig Zone), and there are no female pairs
within 100 miles. I tried two weeks ago and had the same problem. I
have looked on Craiglist but have been suspicious that the ones listed
in my area are from breeders (because they just list the sex and the price). I really wanted to have some piggies
adopted by now so they could get a little bit used to our family before school
starts (which is now in 1.5 weeks). Any suggestions? Are locally owned pet stores any better about where they get their animals? We have quite a few locally owned shops in our area.

08-23-12, 07:06 pm
I have 2 guinea pigs for sale for really cheap. Im located in lees summit misouri. Call or text me at 816-462-2943 if you are still looking. They are really awesome and nice just want them to go to a good home. tahnks

08-23-12, 07:09 pm
We did adopt two little girls about two weeks ago...they are very sweet. Thanks for your help and best wishes on finding them a good home!