View Full Version : guinea pig cage's layout for 4 male guinea pigs

08-08-12, 06:33 pm
Any one have good idea for 4 male guinea pig cage layout?

i'm going to make 6x4 c&c for 4 male guinea pigs. I would like to know where I should put liter and how many. Where I should put food bowls and water bottles, where i should put beds and how to make the beds and any tips.

also how can i make the cage to keep clean easily?

please help me.

08-08-12, 06:38 pm
Litter pans aren't really needed, but if you're going to have them, I would recommend one huge one, or about four small ones. You'll need about four or more of everything, and I like to spread things out around the cage. So four water bottles, four food dishes, four hay piles, four hiddys, ect.

08-08-12, 06:56 pm
I wouldn't really spend to much time on thinking where to put things as the pigs will rearrange were you put everything to how they like it :P

For food bowls and water bottles maybe you could put two of each at each end of the cage?