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08-08-12, 09:05 am
Hello! I'm the proud owner of two abbysinian girl guinea pigs, Sugar and Spice.
They love veggies, their pigloo, and snuggling with me!
This website was where I first learned about C&C cages and now the pigs live in a 2x4. I just want to thank Teresa for creating such a helpful resource of information for cavy lovers.

Here are the pigs. Sugar is the tan and white and Spice is the brown, black and white.


08-08-12, 09:06 am
They are adorable! Love the names! Welcome to the forum!! :D

08-09-12, 07:14 am
Thank you!:)

08-09-12, 07:16 am
Welcome to the forum! Your pigs are cute, I love abbys. :)