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08-06-12, 04:01 pm
hi im amanda and i have one guinea pig named toby. i just got him on 8/4 and he is my first! im really excited. he is just a baby. he seems to like alfalfa and when i play certain types of music he'll come out of his corner he hides in almost 24/7. i joined this site hoping to find some answers to any questions i might have!

08-06-12, 04:05 pm
Welcome! We are all glad to have you here! Feel free to ask any questions you may have here, all the members are glad to help. :) Would love to see some pigtures of your baby boy! :)

08-06-12, 04:45 pm
Welcome to the forum! :)

08-06-12, 05:05 pm
Welcome to the forum. So glad you joined. Hope to see pictures of Toby. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Many of us are willing to answer you and give you advice if needed.

08-06-12, 05:40 pm
Welcome to the forum. Hope you find the answers you need and looking at all the pics are fun and can provide you with a lot of ideas as well. :)