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08-04-12, 04:12 pm
Hi, we are new guinea pig owners. I last had one in 4th grade. lol My sons are 7 and almost-6 and are really enjoying learning to care for animals.

We got Fluffle from a neighbor who was giving him away, and then we got Bennie from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm to keep him company. They are both somewhat older males, but so far so good! (They are in separate cages right now.)

Every day we put them together for supervised play. They've been trying out dominance postures and neither one seems to have "won" - but they are not being terribly aggressive with each other. Just rumbling, a bit of mounting, and chasing until one of them goes and hides out in his hut. We hope over time they will be able to live in the same cage. Anyone out there have two middle-aged males who get along well?

I have another question, about vacation. We are planning to go away for a week later in the summer, and ideally would have them both in a single, larger cage by then. Would it make most sense, though, to wait to combine them until after we return? Our next door neighbor will be visiting our house 2x/day to feed the GPs in our absence, but I can't expect her to supervise their togetherness. I am bit nervous that we might put them together in the new cage, then leave, then they would get into some shenanigans or disagreement and the neighbor will be unprepared to take care of them as needed.

Thanks for any advice!
Maria, "mom" to Fluffle and Bennie

08-04-12, 04:21 pm
Hi and Welcome! :D

First of all stop doing the play times together, guinea pigs don't like play times as each time they meet they have to go though territory things over and over again and it stresses them out.

What size is the cage that you are going to move them in together ?

I have 3 boars living together happily, 2 of them are 1 year and 8 months old, the other one is 9 weeks old.

When you introduce them do it in a neutral area where neither of the pigs have been to.

If they get along, move them into a thoroughly cleaned cage together.

See these links.
Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm)

08-04-12, 04:28 pm
Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pictures of your piggies.

I wouldn't put two boars together and then leave on vacation. Maybe not even two sows. But it can take boars a little longer to settle down, and if someone isn't there most of the time to check carefully for bites, the pigs could wind up with abscesses which need pretty intensive treatment. Better to just leave them in separate cages until you get back.

I also wouldn't put them together for play time. As you've seen, they do a dominance "dance" to see who's going to be top pig, and every time you separate them and put them back together, they have to dance all over again. You can put their cages next to each other so they can talk to each other, but I'd leave them separate until you finally introduce them with the intention of having them live together.

08-04-12, 06:48 pm
RodentCuddles and bpatters,

Thanks for the great advice! I will keep them separate through August then. They are in two cages near each other now. I'll move them in together when we get back from vacation. Hoping they can get along like yours do.

I plan to build a C&C cage limited by the size of my room - probably a 2x4 grid. Anyone have a two-story cage of that size, or does it have to be longer/wider for a top floor to work?

I'll post some pix when I can. They are very cute, naturally!

08-04-12, 06:50 pm
Oh.. judging from some of the cage pix here, I need to go 2x5 to get a 2nd floor with a walkable ramp. I am not even sure my two fatties could waddle up a ramp like the one I see here... oh well, will need to experiment... in late August!