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08-04-12, 01:11 pm
My C&C cage doesnt have coroplast because it was totally ruined when we got them and thier cage. Till this week they havent been able to excape into the room they are in. This week they seemed to have learned how to push the grids up and roam the room. Other than one of my kids opening the door and letting them loose in the house they are safe in the room. But my kids have a tendency to forget to close doors and we have a cat and dog so I do not like them loose without me in there. I know how they excaped because my 6 year old was laying down in the room and watched them. Thier new cage will be here on the 8th. But I need to figure out what to do till then.

SO Please Help Me. I can have my husband go buy a small guinea pig cage till then but I really dont want to put my boys in one together. I also have a bin but then they would be seperated and I dont like that any better. But I will do whatever is nessecary to keep them safe till thier new cage gets here.

08-04-12, 01:17 pm
Could you buy (unless you already have one) an exercise pen to put around the cage?

08-04-12, 01:21 pm
We dont have one I am sure we could. But if they can get through the grids by lifting them could the not just lift the exercise pen? I dont know I havent looked at the piggie ones.

08-04-12, 01:30 pm
Do you have a shower curtain you could hook on the sides?

08-04-12, 01:38 pm
have you tried cable tying the bottom of the grids together? you could make a grid base and do the same, and see if you have anything suitable to put on top to stop them hurting their feet

08-04-12, 01:44 pm
I do have a shower curtain. How would I attach it? I can also send my hubby for the wading pool. I dont have extra grids to put on the bottom and I am to afraid of it hurting them. I do have a dog crate that I have thought about using. But it is where our dog sleeps at night and I dont think it would be fair to her. It is open though and has a plastic bottom over the bars so it wouldnt hurt thier feet.

08-04-12, 03:33 pm
Binder clip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binder_clip) for attaching the shower curtain. I use them for everything like holding the fleece over the coroplast edges etc.

08-05-12, 09:38 am
thanks. they are safely locked in thier cage now. 5 days cant get here fast enough.