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08-01-12, 10:09 am
Okay so I read the fleece project like 5 times and I still don't understand how to clean it as in before you actually put it in the washing machine. After one day the fleece will be covered in hay and poo. When I am done with the c&c cage I will make a separate room for the hay in the cage so the hay won't be the problem but the poo is what I'm worried about. The poo is everywhere. When I have read about littler traing them people say to first find the spot where he poos the most but with Oreo there is no spot where he goes the most. He goes in the corner he goes by the hay he goes inside his pigloo(which I don't understand because that's where he sleeps.) twice away I end up scooping up poo with a little scooper but now my sisters lost it so I end up doing it with two small cups and my hands. If you guys have any tips I would really appreciate it! :)

08-01-12, 10:23 am
Basically you should pick up poo, or spot clean, at least once a day in the cage. At the end of the week, take your Pigs out and let them get some floor time while you clean the cage.

Take out the Fleece and other layers, go outside, and shake the poos and hay bits off until you feel comfortable putting them in the wash.

If you want them extra clean, like I do, try the Fur-Be-Gone brush. It creates a static charge on the Fleece and drags fur from Piggies into it. It is normally for Cats and Dogs to be groomed, but it just so happens to work great on Fleece.


_ (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=22887)_


Good luck!