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07-31-12, 09:36 am
:eye-poppi i am new to this piggie forum i have 3 guinea pigs all 3 different breeds i have 1 male and 2 girls named fu fu cuddles squeekers and panda fu fu is the male hes all black and a texel we've had him since he was 2 weeks old squeekers is a American short hair with red eyes and red hair like me we saved her from people that allowed her to have babies with no ability to care for them all but one baby died from an unknown illness when we adopted her after 1 week that we had them both the baby died i witnessed it i cried forever and we through it a make shift funeral squeekers was depressed for a few days and went on she was our first piggie with not knowing how old she was or her history we didn't let her have anymore babies not to mention i have 2 daughter of my own ages 5 and 7 they were much younger when we first got her i wanted my children to experience piggies at a young age like i did i had 8 guineas when i was 5-7 yrs old and love every min until a women we left them with killed them all by not cleaning out there cages and forgetting to give them water for 2 weeks while we left on vacation i was so depressed the babies died etc so i am teaching my children responsibility and how to care for them properly we also have a black and white Abyssinian named panda shes a younger female again unsure of her age we adopted her from my aunt who couldn't keep her she didn't know how to care for a piggie so i offered to take her shes a big girl and looks identical to a panda bear thus her name my 5 yr named her as shes her pet kinda i take care of them all of course while showing them what to do with grooming cleaning of houses and feeding of each one due to the size differences i feed them all a different amt it has been so fun i treat them as children of my own they know their names they answer when i whistle at at they are so cuddly especially my fufu cuddly he actual hugs and kisses you and coo and purrs at me when i hold him and give him little lite hugs he plays with his cat ball with a bell inside he picks it up in his mouth and shakes his head and drops it goes after it and does it again he has a blankie that he cuddles with and he sleeps wrapped up in it so funny to watch panda thinks shes hiding at time s when she puts her butt toward you and lays her head down its too funny and she also has an attitude shell glare at you and lift her lip up on one side like how dare u enter my cage so its kinda funny i called her a brat once and she actually put her head down and pouted i said sorry and she looked up did what i described until i gave her a carrot and all was fine squeekers is our elder piggie our groomer pig she tries to trim your hair at times and shes so kind and gentle has never nipped or bit anyone shes so patient with us and the other pigs but her hips hurt her you can see it so i am only one who handles her we are taking her to a vet in Kalamazoo as soon as we can i am afraid of what they'll say also with panda we actually got to hear the infamous piggie bird chirp we got a new ball the kids were playing with it in the living room and it rolled by her cagae i think it surprised her because immediately we heard a bird chirpping loudly but couldnt see where it was coming from we kinda knew what area is was coming from and i looked at panda and there she was with her head upward mving her lips like in a whistle shape and moving her tongue and it was so cool the other pigs froze completely still and she did this for 10 mins straight weve never heard it again after that but its the coolest thing ever the kids freaked aout alittle that though something was wrong with her until i explained about the piggie chirp that only a few hear in there entire life time only a few pigs do it i researched and found out that this is something that isnt taught the ancester pigs actually did this during the first age of piggies and its dormint in pet piggies until something happens to trigger that instinctual chirp alot of the things pet piggies do is instinct its kinda cool to learn about different movements and sounds what they mean why they walk in a line and against the wall or other objects to get home why they nip little when out of the cage why the squeek a certain way its all fun to learn and see after well thats all i have right now i joined this site to not only share info but learn things too thankyou for your time,
amanda g littlepiggiefriend

08-01-12, 01:24 am
Wow, haha that's a lot of writing! I just skimmed though it, so a bit confused..do your girls live your boy? Sorry, If you wrote about it. Haha, I'm not much of a reader.

Love to see some pigtures!

08-01-12, 02:54 am
Wow! Lots of writing and very interesting (in the kindest possible way meant it might help to use full stops and paragraphs as it was not easy to read)
So sorry for you as a child that someone didnt give the piggies water etc, how awful. Glad you are giving your children the opportunity to learn responsibility and also to love and enjoy animals. The bird thing sounded fascinating: if you have had a smart phone you could have videotaped it and put on Utube and your piggie would be famous!
Welcome to the forum..as you can see I am also very new :)

08-01-12, 06:59 am
Welcome to the forum!