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07-31-12, 07:29 am
Hi everybody, my name is Dana and i own a handsome male guinea pig- Marsis. ;)(thinking of another GP if i can convince my Dad)
I live in Latvia(Baltic states). Unfortunatly we don't have c&c grids, so i made my cage only from correx with high edges. It is about 1m60cm in lenght.
I love sewing on sewing machine so i am sewing my guinea pig some cozy items, he LOVES them lol.
I just found this web site and i thought it is wonderfull, because we have only one forum, but the informatin in it is poor. :)
P.s. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

07-31-12, 07:32 am
Hello and welcome to the forum!! We would love to see some pictures of Marsis! :)

07-31-12, 07:43 am
He was from a rescue i think he is 2 or 3 years old, they gave him as her to me :D
btw he is all orange from head to toe

07-31-12, 08:05 am
Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll fit in well :)

Your piggie is gorgeous! What a beautiful colour :love: Well done on rescuing!

07-31-12, 08:11 am
He is adorable! Welcome to the forum! :)

07-31-12, 08:19 am
thank you for the nice words :)

07-31-12, 08:22 am
Welcome and Marsis is beautiful, thank you for the pictures.:)