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07-01-05, 09:12 pm
Hi, I'm new here but I've been stalking around for awhile!

I was just wondering the general consensus on exercise balls - bad idea? good idea? I'm not getting my new piggy until September but I was wondering if playpens are preferred for out-of-cage time.

07-01-05, 09:32 pm
Excersise balls are bad for guinea pigs because they aren't as flexible as hamster or other rodents that the balls are good for.

07-01-05, 10:03 pm
Pigs go to the bathroom so much that your pig would probably be rolling through poo in the ball. Gross!

07-01-05, 10:27 pm
They can break their spines in those balls. They are bad news for guinea pigs.

07-02-05, 11:56 am
Yikes! Ok well I think I'll go with my original hunch and just get the playpen.

07-02-05, 01:23 pm
The playpen is a much better choice. You can also build an exercise pen out of grids. You can secure the grids together with zip ties and then it all folds up for easy storage plus you could make the pen any size you wanted to and take it outside for piggie outdoor time too.

07-03-05, 05:52 pm
Those excersise balls are for hamsters and things like that NOT for guinea pigs even thought they say they can use them

07-03-05, 08:29 pm
The only good exersice a pig can get from a ball is by pushing one with their nose. I bought Kero the smallest one they have (for mice and dwarf hamsters) put a jingly kitty ball in side and watched him push it around. Much easier for him to play with then just the cat ball.

07-07-05, 09:23 am
Never buy your cavy an exercise ball!!!

07-07-05, 03:26 pm
They are bad for guinea pigs to let you know that can hurt there spine.

07-07-05, 03:40 pm
yes, the balls are dangerous, not just because of the cavy's back, but many cavies have actually broken a leg because of those balls. Those little vent slots can catch a nail or a toe and twist your poor guinea pig's leg up.

07-07-05, 03:47 pm
Really I always thought it was there backs. That is good that I have not used that.

07-07-05, 04:08 pm
Yes, Actually it is both. Maybe not as many broken legs, but it has happened.

The Magic Taco
07-08-05, 03:16 am
I wanted one because I saw it in the petshop ages ago. We asked if pigs could have them but they say its bad for them....

07-14-05, 06:32 am
BAD! It can hurt their feet. (They will get stuck)