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07-30-12, 09:18 am
okay, so ive had her for a little over a month. She is an adorable white & brown abbysinnian piggy. I'm pretty sure she was housed along with males in the petshop. Also, a day after i got her, i got another one, a male this time. well, i wanted them to have babies and im really excited. The only thing is im not quite sure if she is pregnant although im fairly certain she is.

around 3 weeks ago i took her to the vet and during that time she weighed 495g which the vet said was healthy. take note both my piggys live together. two weeks after, her weight doubled and she know weighs around a kilo. this made me suspect she is preg. Also, i noticed she is drinking and eating more. she always keeps making this sound which i research meant she was hungry. She is getting really big around her belly, its all normal-sized from her head until you reach the tummy. She is also way bigger than my male guinea pig. they are both 3 months old now.

i tried searching for signs for when she might be due, taking in that she might be preg. i measured her tummy to be 12.5" around. ive been reading posts of people measuring around that size and they all happen to end up with two pups. i tried feeling her tummy, i do feel some like "chunks" there. i dont know how to describe it but it is separated. i think it might be the pups. Also, i tried feeling for movement, i cnt really feel anything moving or hear sounds which makes me doubt she is. I have already separated her from the male just in case. Her tummy is unusually big for just a normal piggy. I just need some reassurance, ive been searching up pregnant piggy photos & i must say i see some resemblance. Or maybe she's just incredibly overweight.

07-30-12, 09:31 am
This site is pro-rescue and pro-adoption. We do not support or condone breeding in anyway.

All I can suggest is that you seperate your male and female immediately and keep it the way indefinitely. You need to fully educate yourself in all aspects of guinea pig pregnancy, birth, and care to ensure you are ready for everything that may happen and have a vet fund set up to pay for any complications that may arise.

07-30-12, 09:34 am
Welcome to the forum.

And she sounds pregnant to me. My guinea pig just had her babies today and yours is acting like mine did when she was pregnant. They are pregnant from 59 to 73 days or so. So that's about 8 to 10 weeks. You won't feel movement until she's about 7 to 8 weeks pregnant and then a week after you can feel them, you'll most likely be able to see the movement of the babies. The sounds you won't hear until a few days before she gives birth. If the male is still with her, you need to separate the IMMEDIATELY. She can get pregnant with in hours of giving birth and back to back pregnancies are extremely dangerous on a guinea pig.

This site is also against breeding. So don't try breeding her or any other pig again. It can be deadly to her and the babies.

Good luck with everything and keep us posted on her and the possible pregnancy and babies. We love pictures so please post some if you can.

07-30-12, 09:36 am
Since she was with the male, she is pregnant. Congratulations, you got what you wanted, a pregnant guinea pig. Now a reality check, this is a pro-adoption site. It is understandable when accidental pregnancies happen, however there is no excuse for putting your baby piggie through the trauma of birth on purpose. You could have adopted a baby. A lot of sows die giving birth. I hope there are no complications for her sake.

07-30-12, 09:43 am
For your pig's sake, I hope she's under seven to eight months old. Did you know that, due to physical changes, a sow who's never given birth before she reaches that age usually can't deliver the babies without a C-section? If your girl is over that age, are you prepared to pay for that? If not, can you stand to watch her die as he struggles to deliver and can't?

I know that may sound harsh, but as others have pointed out, this is a pro-adoption/rescue, anti-breeding site. Breeding is very dangerous in guinea pigs, with a 20 to 25 percent mortality rate even for a young sow. In my view, it's selfish to take that risk just because you want babies. I can't even imagine doing that to my two beloved girls.

07-30-12, 09:44 am
firstly, before you guys start bombarding me with all these posts, you should know these first.
1. the shop was about to put them to sleep, luckily, i still knocked on the door during AFTER HOURS.
2. I was told that the other guinea pig was a "sow" not a boar. i only found out it was a boar days after. since then i have separated them.

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07-30-12, 09:45 am
I understand why you would want to breed your guinea pigs. I do wish that you hadn't done that. It can be very dangerous for both the mother and the babies. If you get a chance, could you please share some information with us? It can help us to tell you what issues you may need to watch out for. How old is your female? Also, does she have any white fur? If you can, please tell us that. There are several issues that can occur in females, including the inability to give birth (because her ligaments won't stretch enough for the babies to come out, this depends on her age) and the roan gene (pigs that have white fur can carry this gene, it can cause deformed babies) are the two most prominent things that I can think of that you need to be worried about. I hope that the vet that you are in contact with specializes in small pets/exotics. If he doesn't, you need to find one that does immediately. It can save your pigs life.

Edit: Sorry, I realized you said that she was white and brown. Please research roan gene, or fatal guinea pigs. That may help you be prepared for what you might encounter.

07-30-12, 09:46 am
Also, a day after i got her, i got another one, a male this time. well, i wanted them to have babies and im really excited. The only thing is im not quite sure if she is pregnant although im fairly certain she is.
Your original post belies your claim of ignorance. There's a simple way to not get bombarded with anti-breeding views: don't proudly proclaim your desire for babies and purposefully getting your pig pregnant on an anti-breeding site.

07-30-12, 10:08 am
If she was housed with males (Are you 100% sure she was? Usually pet stores don't admit that or aren't aware of it) then there is a high chance she's already pregnant. This is not a good thing.

You will have to either find separate housing/new cage or a new home for the male. Either that or have him neutered if you want them to live together.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not know the health risks that female pigs run when being pregnant. At a certain point, if females had not become pregnant before, their hip bones fuse together. This, as you can imagine, makes pregnancy very dangerous for both mom & babies. It could be fatal to mom and/or her pups.

Do you know what kind of diet a pregnant sow needs? How about her pups? Do you know how to sex a guinea pig or at what age the male babies need to be separated from their mom and sisters so they don't get them pregnant? Do you know how to baby proof the cage so they don't escape or get their head stuck? Did you make plans for homes for the babies once they are old enough?

How does your idea of breeding sound now?

07-30-12, 10:35 am
2. I was told that the other guinea pig was a "sow" not a boar. i only found out it was a boar days after. since then i have separated them.

Well, you seem to be contradicting yourself there. Your original quote proclaims your desire for them to have babies.

Also, a day after i got her, i got another one, a male this time. well, i wanted them to have babies and im really excited.

So you see our dilemma? You either knew he was a boy and put them together on purpose OR you didn't know and separated them as soon as you found out.

take note both my piggys live together

Ummm okay? Well, I guess when you said you separated them once you found out the new one was a boy...was a typo?

Look, what's done is done. If she is pregnant, she is. At this point, it's best that you just come clean and give us the straight scoop instead of contradictions so we can help you by giving you information about how best to handle the pregnancy.

As others have said, this is an anti-breeding site/pro-rescue site. We get it, sometimes people aren't aware that breeding is bad news. We don't begrudge people ignorance about it. All of us, at one point or another weren't aware of why it was so bad. So we are willing to give the benefit of the doubt and to educate people about it. The reason people might seem put off by your post is because of your loud proclamation about your desire for them to have babies. Accidents happen, we get that but breeding on purpose is a completely different ball of wax.