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07-01-05, 11:24 am
I've been thinking about going veggie for quite awhile now. Slowly, I've been reducing the my meat intake. Later today, or tomorrow, I'm going to tell my mom that I'm going veggie. I don't think she'll be too happy, but I don't care. I was thinking to cut beef and pork off my diet first, and then slowly take away poulty, and then fish. Chicken will probably be the hardest...it's my favorite "meat". Do you think this is a good idea, or should I just take all the meat out at once?

Another thing, the more I've been thinking about it, the more reluctant I am of actually going veggie. I know I'm going to have cravings, and I know I'm going to regret it sometimes. I've never seen the Meet Your Meat video, but I'd really like to. Is there a website it can be viewed at, perhaps? Thanks.

One more thing, I know that when people are vegetarians, they have to give their body the nutrients meat would usually give you by other ways (ie vitamins, tofu, etc). What exactly do you have to do to make sure you're still healthy but veggie?

Thanks for everything guys.

07-01-05, 11:39 am
Never mind about the Meet Your Meat video. I googled it and watched it. Horrid.

Slap Maxwell
07-01-05, 03:23 pm
Congrats! The best way to fight cravings is to eat fake meat, I acctually really like it! What is really good are Smart Dogs, Boca Burgers, and the frozen lasanga that is made with soy. All these can be found in the health food section of your supermarket. The only thing I don't like is the sliced meat.

For your protein, I suggest talking a multi-vitamin made for vegitarians, you can find those at your local GNC. Eat extra cheese, peanut butter, and beans. Look up recipies for vegitarian bean chili (very good on top of brown rice). Eat more pasta, cheese pizza, salads, corn on the cob, etc. There are lots of enjoyable things.

I started cold turkey and it seemed to work. I personally think slowly cutting it out makes the cravings stronger, but you do what you think is right for you.

Make sure you hold your ground with your mom, if it's your choice, she can't dictate what you eat.

07-01-05, 10:31 pm
Check out websites for vegans. They are pretty comprehensive about food nutrient values. Make sure you eat a lot of iron rich food like broccoli so you don't become anemic.

07-02-05, 10:59 am
Okay thanks guys. I talked to my mother and she said she didn't care what I did. I thought she was going to fight me about it, but I guess not. Yes Slap, I've already started eating Boca Burgers and the lasagna. I think that I'm going to eat a little meat sometimes, but more vegetarian and fake meat stuff. Then obviously I'll quit eating meat all together. I'll check out the vitamins too. Thanks!

07-03-05, 02:09 pm
Today is my first "official day" as a vegetarian. I found a really good brand called Morningstar Farms that makes veggie stuff. Their "Chik Patties" taste exactly like chicken. They're very good, and their "burgers" are too.

07-04-05, 09:36 am
what is the meet your meat video??

07-04-05, 09:39 am
i am a vegitarion i have this power that you can get from wal-mart i dont know what it is called but it is a protein powder it goes VERY good with strawberry milkshake!

07-04-05, 09:42 am
www.justeatveggies.com tells yu alot about the stuff that has meat in it and resterants that you can eat at it is very helpful! Did anyone know that mc donalds flavor there fries with beef flavoring! WEIRED

Slap Maxwell
07-04-05, 09:56 am
This is Meet your Meat: http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/Prefs.asp?video=meet_your_meat

07-05-05, 08:20 am
ya, or if you just want to remember it, www.meetyourmeat.com (http://www.meetyourmeat.com/) ...it took me a while to think of that... he he

07-05-05, 08:26 am
sorry if that sounded sarcastic or mean, it wasnt meant like that.

07-05-05, 07:37 pm
Okay after almost 3 days of being veggie, I'm doing fine. One thing though, sometimes, after I eat a "fake chicken" patty or something, my stomach hurts a bit. I haven't thrown up or felt really nauscious (sp?), but is this normal? Since my body isn't used to non-meat meals, is it just adjusting and stuff? Thanks.

07-06-05, 03:49 pm
that happened to me the first few days of fake meat, your stomach probly isnt used to having all this new stuff so suddenly, or maby your just eating too much, you should probly just not eat so much of it till like a week from now before you eat it alot

07-06-05, 04:01 pm
Good Luck, I think that it is great to do this I am veggie too. You can eat Tofu, beans and things like that. Everyone I warn you that you should not see that video if you can not handle the death of things do not watch that movie I cried!

07-07-05, 08:15 am
well it DOES get the point accross, after seeing that, when i accidentaly taste meat, i gag because i always think about the part with the bleeding cow hanging... i wont say anymore....

07-07-05, 05:33 pm
Don't worry 'upstairs, I only ate a few fake meat products, and I'm doing better now, thanks. Good luck littlebear! When I saw the movie, I almost cried too.

Hm...but now whenever I drink vanilla milkshakes I get an upset stomach. Weird. o_0

07-09-05, 09:13 pm
Great job, TheQueen! Maybe it's just something to do with the new foods. Some people have allergies to carageenan, which happens to be in both ice cream (vanilla milkshake) and in some soy foods. It could be something else, but I'm no doctor! If it keeps up you may want to see someone about it, though. Good luck and keep it up!