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07-25-12, 09:00 pm
I've been expanding their cage. I have a store bought but I found some 18"x18" grids at Petco. I still need to get the coroplast. I have waterproof babypads underneath the fleece. I cut the top out of the store bought cage. Work in progress!


Patches is still unsure on how to get to the new part.
Trixie and Sammie figured it out quickly.
They are having a sack lunch. :D

07-25-12, 09:11 pm
Do you have anymore of those grids left? Maybe you can expand it a bit more. By the pics, its looks a bit small for 3 piggies

07-25-12, 09:14 pm
I need to get another set. I've also got to rearrange the den to make more room for them. :D

07-25-12, 09:15 pm
The addition is 3ft by 1 1/2 ft... If I can get one more set, that will give me 3x3 plus the cage space.

07-25-12, 09:24 pm
The addition is 3ft by 1 1/2 ft... If I can get one more set, that will give me 3x3 plus the cage space.

Oh ok that sounds like it's going to be a big cage. They will have plenty of room to do their zoomies and will be popcorning everywhere Lol. Can't wait to see the cage when it's finished lol

07-25-12, 09:26 pm
You have some cute pigs! :D However that cage is too small for even one pig, how many do you have? From the pigture it looks like you have three, so at the minimum you will need a 2x4 (Any lofts or add ons like that pet store cage don't count towards cage space) However that would be the very bare minimum. Bigger is always much much better.

07-26-12, 02:15 am
perhaps we should all clarify - 2x4 refers to number of grids, i'm assuming - 2 grids by 4 grids. does 3x3 refer to 3 feet by 3 feet or 3 grids by 3 grids. big difference!

07-26-12, 02:51 am
The cage is an ok start but it is a bit small Im not sure what you paid for those at a petstore but if you buy the cubes from a place like sears you get a lot of grids... Mine came with 23 and I think that they are less money :) Good Luck :)

Here is the link to the grids I used I hope it helped :)
Floor Standing 6-Cube Storage Unit- Stor-Tools-Garage Organization & Shelving-Storage Hooks (http://www.sears.com/stor-floor-standing-6-cube-storage-unit/p-00913332000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1)

07-27-12, 07:44 pm

They now have 13.5 sq feet NOT including the store cage which is where I'm keeping their food and water. I've got a spot for a loft in the fast left corner. I've got to make the ramp and I want to make a fleece forest under it. I'm just worn out from a busy day. I'll work on it this weekend.
Sammie explored it first... man was she all over the place!!! I put Trixie and Patches in it and they checked it all out. Sammie is going NUTS!! LOL I love it!!!! Reminds me of my dog having running spells when I was a kid! HaHa!

07-27-12, 07:52 pm
Very nice! :) Just be careful with that upper level there, the wires can break their legs. Also the Pringles cans, TP roll, and snack shack thing should be taken out because they are all very bad for guinea pigs in ingested. Though there are a lot of other good alternatives. Also, where is their hay?

07-27-12, 09:04 pm
I have not had a chance to finish the loft. It is just there, no ramp yet. I am working on the fleese forest that I am going to have hanging from there, then I'm going to layer that level. There hay is with their food in the old cage that I plan on keeping attached to the grid cage.

Remember... my thread title is "work in progress"... I'm not done with it.

07-27-12, 09:27 pm
hmm I thought TP tubes were ok according to a post by a "slave" that's been on here since '09...
2. Cardboard rolls: Take an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll and cut it length- wise so there's no chance your pig will get stuck in it.

07-27-12, 09:37 pm
I'm just saying I wouldn't give my pigs anything made of cardboard. Reason being is that it's made for holding stuff, they don't make it expecting that animals will be eating it, so therefore they add stuff like nasty glues and even glass to it (From what I've heard) Someone on here once emailed a company that made TP rolls about if they were ok to give to animals, and they said that they were not.

All in all, it's better to be safe rather than sorry.