View Full Version : need portable cage

SSJ Chibi Trunks0505
12-28-01, 07:32 am
i just wanna know does anyone know where i can find a kind of portable cage for guinea pigs like their easy to asemble to bring the guinea pig to a friends house or to a family members house so she won't be alone while we r gone?

12-28-01, 11:14 pm
Depending on how long you are gone, you can buy one of those deep plastic storage containers. They sell them all over the place and they don't cost a whole lot. I don't think it would hurt the pigs any if they spent the weekend in one of these. There are lots of different sizes, so get the biggest that you are willing to carry with you. But if you are only gone for a few hours or even for a day I wouldn't worry about it. I assume from your email you only have one pig. The best thing to do about boredom is get another pig.