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07-24-12, 12:16 am
I've been debating about getting another type of animal and rats and mice have always intrigued me over the years but heres my question which is better? What are the pros and cons and differences between them.
How old do they live for?
Does anyone have any sites i could read up on for some knowledge?

07-24-12, 12:30 am
I've only ever had mice but have always and still do want rats.
Mice live for 1.5 to 2.5 years as the avg. I think.
I think rats are more of a cuddle pet where as my mice enjoy sitting on me and exploring around places.
But It think (not having owned rats before) that mice would be more entertaining to watch. I only say that as I have a huge cage with 17 female mice and it is so wonderful watching them all run around, play and explore their cage!
A con with mice is when they get old they can sadly easily get cancer or go blind.
You can teach both tricks but it is much easier to rats tricks, or so I have heard.
Mice come in a range of more colours then rats do.

So I think if you want a more cuddly pet get a rat, but if you want one that can entertain you for hours get a mouse (Not saying that rats aren't entertaining). But that is just what I think.
Either way both rats and mice have their own wonderful personalities.

07-24-12, 01:08 am
Rats make wonderful pets. They are smart and can be very loving. The only downside to rats is their life span which is 3 years. They are prone to tumors. Check out ratsrule.com

There is a rat sectin on the forum. It is listed in the thread of other pets. Many members here have rats.

07-24-12, 03:36 am
Thanks guys, I'm actually moving towards mice..

stray hares
07-24-12, 04:44 am
I've kept both mice and rats as pets. Mice are lovely, but I think they definitely smell more than rats. Certainly, they smell differently. Rats have a musty kind of odour that I don't mind so much, and mice are sort of more... pungent, I guess (it's their urine). Rats are very smart, they're like little dogs. But if you never had mice before I can almost guarantee that they're smallness whilst still being little mammals with amaze you (sounds silly, but it's true). They tend to be a bit more frantic/skittish in their movements I guess? They're always very busy. If I had a choice between rats and mice I'd choose rats though, because they will often come when called and are generally lovely animals, though the sad thing with rats is the strength of the bond you form with them is way out of proportion to their life span. It is devastating when they pass away.

07-24-12, 05:24 am
Those massive rats make me a little nervous thats my only problem. My friend used to own normal sized rats and they were great but im not sure i really want a rat.

07-24-12, 03:58 pm
Goosemoose is a great forum about rats. I've never owned any, but I'm researching them because I one day hope to. Here's the link: Goosemoose Pet Portal - Index (http://www.goosemoose.com/rfc/index.php)

07-24-12, 04:10 pm
Ratties are wonderful! Very loving and love to cuddle

stray hares
07-24-12, 05:42 pm
Those massive rats make me a little nervous thats my only problem. My friend used to own normal sized rats and they were great but im not sure i really want a rat.

It's sounds like you already know then which lovely little animal you'll want to bring into your home then! I don't know any mouse forums off hand though, sorry I can't be of more help there.

07-28-12, 10:58 pm
so we bought three baby mice! ones a bit older then the others and we are having more problems handling her but all in good time and patience :D
here's some pictures:
^this is patch, shes my girl.
^this is cookie, mine and my partners.
^the white one beside patch is sonnett, shes the more difficult to handle.
Just say AWWWWW! :D :D :D

07-28-12, 11:02 pm
Awwwww!!! So cute! Haha, I started with 2...now have 20!!!! Lol, they're so adorable!

07-28-12, 11:16 pm
We want more eventually too ^^ They are so sweet! :D I love patch the most though she just got in my heart so quickly already everything she does I love watching her do :D

07-29-12, 12:23 am
Haha, it's so awesome when you get more and you watch them all run around and explore their cage after you clean it!
Naww, I use to have a mouse called Patch! She had a black circle path over her eye! But mum accidentally gave a lady her and her twin sister instead of the ones that were for sale as I had accidentally brought a pregnant girl.

Is the white one an albino? I have one albino right now, Last year I had two sisters..I found that all my albino ones stop every now and then and kinda of look around like they're scanning their cage! It's so cute!

07-29-12, 05:49 am
haha Im not sure if shes albino she could be but who knows i could never actually 100 percent know. Yep shes got very unqiue pattern on her face i love it ^^

07-29-12, 05:56 am
i had 2 mice earlier this year. They are very cute and funny but just to warn their urine smells horrible.

07-29-12, 01:04 pm
i had 2 mice earlier this year. They are very cute and funny but just to warn their urine smells horrible.

They don't smell unless you don't clean their cage often enough or if you have males they smell a lot more then females...a lot.
But if you keep their cage nice and clean then they shouldn't smell.

Trust me on this, I have 17 females, They don't smell unless you let their cage get dirty and don't clean it enough. But I also have 3 males, they do smell because of when they mark their territory.

08-05-12, 10:10 pm
Where they sit atm you can smell them sometimes but i like the smell lol :s and i agree, they only smell if you dont keep the cage clean. Keep it clean and theres not really a smell.