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07-19-12, 03:31 pm
I need lots of replies I need a new cage design here are my questions
1) bottom (example: 1x2)
2) upper level: yes or No
3) (if an upper level) what size
Please no enormous cages! Thank you! :) :) :) and if you have something different from the questions I have go ahead and put them

07-19-12, 03:58 pm
How many pigs do you have?

07-19-12, 04:00 pm
Three females

07-19-12, 04:11 pm
Bottom: Atleast 2 x 5 (recommended size on GPC.com for three females)
Upper Level: I would, and make it a hay or kitchen area.
Upper Level: either 1 x 2 or 2 x 2, depending on what you want to use it for, but not too big because the cage will be harder to clean an underneath will be darker.

Hope I helped, good luck! :)

07-19-12, 04:11 pm
What space do you have to put it in, Like what is the biggest size the bottom can be? (:

07-19-12, 04:14 pm
The biggest the bottom can be is 2x6

07-19-12, 04:15 pm
1) bottom 2x6
2) upper level: yes
3) 2x2 Kitchen area.

07-19-12, 04:17 pm
If you have space to make a bigger cage than a 2x5 I would do it especially because you have 3 females. It would give them a lot of room to do their zoomies and popcorn. And for the upper level you can do like a L shape on top which would be a 1x2x2

07-19-12, 04:46 pm
I would do the biggest base you can. That way they have lots of room for zoomies and fun things in the cage. Loft or not is all up to you. I don't have a loft. I know it would be too difficult for me to clean and reach into. I'm short :)

07-19-12, 04:51 pm
I would do a 2x6. That is basically a 2x5 with a loft, and a 2x5 is the minimum for 3 Piggies that are females. Actually bigger than a 2x5 with loft because floor space is all that counts and the ramp usually takes up a bit of room.

Good luck!

07-19-12, 07:20 pm

07-19-12, 07:31 pm
boofp awesome cage!

07-19-12, 08:01 pm
I have 3 females myself and I have them in a 3x5 with a 3x2 loft.. I have a flip up door under the loft and isn't to hard to clean. I did have to use wood to make it sturdy because I sit in it to clean/play.. Lol30773

07-19-12, 08:06 pm
peeweesteph that's great! Is that right after you cleaned or Is it always clean like that?

07-19-12, 08:28 pm
wow....i love the fleece...how do you get it to fit so well? i'm experimenting with fleece on the lower level and newspaper up top for the hay stations....did you have it custom made?

07-19-12, 08:37 pm
Love that cage, im sorry im new here and im lost on the fourms i dont know how to post a new fourm can someone help me please?

07-19-12, 08:41 pm
Gullik The way I do (to start a new post) it is click the forum button on the top row and go down and there will be different ones like (kitchen, introduce yourself etc) click the one you want and it will say start new thread at the top.

07-19-12, 08:44 pm
peeweesteph that's great! Is that right after you cleaned or Is it always clean like that?

It stays pretty clean.. I spot clean twice a day :)

07-19-12, 08:48 pm
Mine never stays clean, five minutes after spot cleaning there is stuff everywhere

07-19-12, 08:48 pm
2x5 or 2x6 with a 1x2 (2x2 lofts are too hard to clean under)

07-19-12, 08:59 pm
I'm sorry but my loft is easier for me to clean under now having the flip door on the end..I had a 2x1 loft before I wish I would have done it before.. :)

07-19-12, 09:03 pm
I had never thought of putting a door,I think I have "creativity deficiency"

07-19-12, 09:08 pm
Here is a pic of the flip up door..
30774I just use loose zip ties :)

07-19-12, 09:13 pm
If you don't mind I am going to copy your cage design :)

07-19-12, 09:16 pm
Not at all :-) can't wait too see.. Just keep in mind.. I have tall sides on the other end just to keep my lil dogs out.. That is the only reason I have to sit in it to clean .. Lol

07-19-12, 09:42 pm
What are those clip looking things you use to connect the grids with?

07-19-12, 09:45 pm
They are connectors thy come in the pack of grids or they did when I got mine (got mine at bed bath and beyond)

07-19-12, 11:33 pm
I used to have an upstairs for Mr. Whistles. That was where his kitchen was. Made cleaning a bit easier.
His cage was a 2x4 with a 2x1 loft/kitchen
His cage is now 2x5. But his kitchen is still somewhat separate. I think I like having the wall there.
I changed his cage because of 2 reasons. 1) I needed another storage option for his box of 9lbs of hay. 2) I felt the ramp was taking up too much running space for Whistles. He WUVES to run!

07-20-12, 08:20 am
anything wrong with this??

07-20-12, 09:57 am
How many pigs do you have in it?

07-20-12, 10:48 am
They are connectors thy come in the pack of grids or they did when I got mine (got mine at bed bath and beyond)

Oh ok. Cause I never seen those before

07-20-12, 11:29 am
I love the cage pics in this.

07-20-12, 12:24 pm
How many pigs do you have in it?

Mine? I just have Mr. Whistles. Husband is proving very difficult in persuading him to get another guinea pig.

07-20-12, 12:49 pm
Mine piglets love their loft...it's a 1x6 with ends ...like U shaped. Its easy for me to clean under it. I currently have mine on a banquet table but when I expand I will still use table with some supports where its too big for the table..
Have fun designing your cage!...that's the most fun ever...cause with grids...if you dont like it..or it doesnt work for you...you can start again!

07-21-12, 05:42 pm
:?:hi again...i love the idea of the loft running along the back wall... right now i have 8x2 with 1x2 lofts at each end...but how do you support it? and does the support interfere with the fleece?

07-22-12, 01:30 pm
I support it with L brackets underneath the floor of the second floor. i think they are 10" or 12" ones. I put them on every joint where 2 grids meet...probably overkill but i like knowing that it's supported.

07-22-12, 01:36 pm
sewlittle....like the shelving brackets....i'm going to get some from walmart or home depot this week and try that...right now i have 2grids dividing the centre of my cage but want to open the whole thing up...then the loft could run the whole length.... thanks for the help!!

07-22-12, 02:02 pm
yes L shelving brackets from home depot is where i got mine. i think they were less than 2 bucks a piece. just get the biggest that will fit on a grid. not sure if it was 10 or 12 inches.

07-23-12, 11:46 am
UPDATE: just made a 2x4 grid with a 1x2 upstairs they seem to use the upstairs WAY more then downstairs im worryed