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07-19-12, 06:38 am
Our beloved piggie Gracie died the other week. Lollie our other pig is doing much better, but sits around all day when we're at work and at night not doing much of anything. So we got a new girl, a 5 week old. But she is sneezing quite a bit. Nothing crazy, but enough to notice it's more than normal by a bit. Some sneezes sound a little congested, but who knows could be that she's so small. I don't see any drainage coming from the nose. Could sneezing be indicative of anything? Next Wed I have an appointment with the vet already made for her to check her teeth, make sure she's a girl, and general health look over before we take her out of quarantine from Lollie. Any thoughts? Thanks.

07-19-12, 06:46 am
Do you use fleece or bedding? Sometimes the dust in bedding (even minimal dust) can cause a pig to sneeze. If you use fleece, I'm sure you know not to use any fabric softener or soaps with perfumes/dyes. My pigs will sneeze every once in awhile but there's never any discharge or anything to go with it. When I talked to my vet (whose a small animal science major) about it when I brought one of mine in for a check up, she said sometimes the humidity can affect them, as it can get super humid up here in Minnesota. Hopefully your vet will find nothing wrong with her and she's ready to play with her new buddy :D

07-19-12, 07:08 am
Is she quarantined from the other? If not, I'd take both of them to the vet since it sounds like a URI and the other has been exposed. They can go downhill really quickly so I'd at least get the one that's sneezing in now. If it is a URI, you need to watch the other closely for symptoms or, better yet, have her checked to possibly catch it early. Where did you get the new one?

07-19-12, 09:29 am
No she is quarantined - I said so in my first post, so that's not an issue. What do they do for URI's? Give a shot of antiboitics or something? How do they diagnose that she indeed has one?

They are both on fleece with no dryer sheets.

We bought from a pet store - only one that got in girls, no other place within 50miles had girls.

07-19-12, 09:33 am
if you got her from a pet store, she could have caught something there. as you've already made a vet appointment, just be sure to address it there :) if she's eating right and not losing weight or have any discharge, i'm sure she'll be just fine

07-19-12, 10:39 am
They'll usually prescribe an antibiotic for a URI. Since she's so young, they'll probably give you Bactrim since Baytril can stunt the growth of young ones. They'll listen to her lungs with a stethoscope to rule out pneumonia. Sorry, I missed the part about the quarantine. Our a/c went out yesterday and I was watching for the repair guy while I was on the computer.

07-19-12, 10:50 am
my guinea pig goode sneezes occasionally. i checked her a few days ago. i think you should take her to the vet to get your piggie checked out because URI is a deadly deasise as you know. it would be bad if your piggie got URI

07-19-12, 11:02 am
She was just at the pet store for a matter of hours, they had gotten the 2 ladies in that day. Who knows. Never new about Upper Respitory Infections in piggies, so I learned something today and what to lookout for in the future. Thanks for the info guys!

07-19-12, 11:50 am
The other thing you need to keep in mind is that guinea pigs are prey animals so it's in their nature to try and hide illnesses so they don't become a target. They're usually pretty sick before they start showing symptoms so it's important to get treatment quickly.