View Full Version : How do you clean the coroplast cages?

01-03-02, 06:04 pm
I am in need of a bigger cage (getting a new pigger) and will probably, by the looks of it, try to build my own. My question is...how do you clean it? I have been looking at the pics but can''t seem to see an easy way of cleaning the cage. With the one I have now.. all I do is pick it up and dump the mess into a garbage bag. But I can't see that being done with cages like the ones on your site (which are all beautiful by the way : )


01-03-02, 06:55 pm
For the full weekly cleaning, I use a dust pan and scoop out the old bedding into a large trash can lined with a plastic bag.

I use a wisk broom for the final brush out.

Then I have a spray bottle filled with half water, half vinegar. Squirt, squirt, squirt, wipe, wipe, wipe, replace bedding.

Pretty easy, really.

01-04-02, 02:06 pm
Yep, that's what I do too and it's very easy. Takes less than ten minutes start to finish. I don't use a wisk broom, but whatever small amount of old bedding that is left is covered by the new bedding and will be disposed of on the next cleaning.

01-04-02, 08:12 pm

Thought it would be more complicated for some reason : )

Thanks again!

01-26-02, 02:34 am
Boy, am I happy to read this thread! MamaDean has been planning to remove the coroplast floor, take it outside, and hose it off after spraying it with dish detergent/water mix. That's the way she used to do the floor of her large dwarf hamster cage I built her. (The floor was a car driveway drip pan I got at the local autoparts store.) I had visions of Papa getting stuck with that job!

Thanks, gang!