View Full Version : Rabbit bother, plz help!!!! urgent!

06-27-05, 04:18 am
i have had my rabbits for about (harvey)6 months and (esme) seven month and when they 1st came, esme was extreamly shy, but came out her shell after a few months and was a lovley rabbit ( a little skitish but ok) and harvey was always bonnkers....but now (the past month or so) they are becoming extreamly "thumpy" when ever anyone goes near them, they run away from me and have even bit me twice now.....im so unhappy i dunno what 2 do.....help ...plz anyone!


06-27-05, 07:47 am
First question: Are they spayed/neutered? When you are going near them are they in their cage? Rabbits can become very territorial, especially those not fixed. Try putting your hand on his head and then gently push down before you try to get him out of the cage. You should take the rabbits out of the cage before you clean the cage or give them fresh food.

Has any major change occured recently like a move, a new person, or a new pet in the household? If the rabbits are not bonded, then the smell of the other rabbit on you may upset them.

Louise D.
07-01-05, 10:21 am
Hi Jenny,

do you try to pick up your bunny? Are other people coming to the cage and maybe playing rough with them so that they are becoming afraid of humans? Any smaller kids? Or did you get a dog or cat that comes up to the cage?

I would try to go to them and lay down on your belly or back and keep the hands away from the bunnies (I tuck my hands under myself so that my bun knows I won't touch him). Let them come to you. Or maybe just go into the cage and sit on the floor with them and read a book or magazine (you can even read the book to them). If you go to the same eye level as the bunnies they fell a lot more comfortable. We are pretty big compared to them.

I hope that helps.